Tips For Saving Battery Life On Samsung Galaxy S5

This year was the year when the Samsung Galaxy S5 was born and introduced to the world. And the biggest, and the most asked questions about it will be the battery life. It is something that all of us just can’t have enough of. There are people who would do anything and everything to use that last drop of battery juice, that last mAh, that last ounce of battery. Maybe you can squeeze that one more tweet or maybe a selfie in that remaining battery? I get you. We are all the same.

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But there’s one thing that those smarter guys do. They don’t use that last drop, and make sure that their smartphones reach the charging cord before it gets switched off. And that is just one of the things that they do to ensure that the battery will remain strong with them. We can call the battery as the heart of a smartphone, because without it, it just cannot function.

So without any further ado, here are the tips to save battery life on your Samsung Galaxy S5:

How to save battery life on Samsung Galaxy S5

Your Display Timeout

Most people don’t know but there’s a timer attached to your display. Once you stop touching your display, the timer starts. It tells your phone when to turn off the display. There are some apps that can override this feature for instance your video player and some games.

But leaving the display on for no reason is not a good idea. If you let your display turn off, you can then use your phone for that much more time later. Normally, the screen timeouts are 30 seconds by default. But in the Galaxy S5, you can set the timeout to as low as 15 seconds. Try that and see how much battery you can save.

Have a good WiFi? Get on it.

WiFi’s are almost everywhere and we are kind of taking it for granted. So if you are in a range of a good WiFi connection, then you should definitely use it. This can be much more beneficial if you live in an area where there is a bad cellular connection, or at an event where there are a lot of people.

A bad cellular network can literally murder your battery. But if you are on a bad WiFi connection, then get off it immediately.

A wearable is for notifications

That’s the main reason why they invented those watches with LCD displays. Your display can literally use a lot of battery. But its not just battery that you are saving, its sanity too. Consider how much of a pain would it be if you received an unimportant notification, and had to pull out your phone in a heavily crowded area? Where on the other hand, a wearable could make that thing a much more easier and maybe make your experience a pleasant one.

Galaxy Gear 2, Gear 2 Neo and the Pebble smartwatch are some of the wearables that are at your disposal.

If nothing else works, there just might be an instance that a ghost might be messing with your battery. All you have to do, is reboot your phone and things should get back to normal. The reboot should clear out any stuck processes or applications. Even though Android has been advanced which has made these issues rare, but it is still a good thing to reboot your phone once in a while.

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The very last option that you can resort to, is the factory reset option. This will wipe out all your data, including apps and media that you might have got on it. This will completely flush all those battery eating processes or applications. But only do this when your data is stored on cloud or you’ve already backed up. Also make sure that your contacts are backed up because losing them might become a horrible experience for you.