How to Fix Overheating and Screen Dimming Problems on Microsoft Surface 2

A lot of users have complained about the overheating issue on Microsoft’s surface 2. Microsoft Surface 2 is not that famous in the market because of Windows, though the hardware is well designed. Windows RT 8.1 has shown some improvements over RT 8 but there are several problems that users are facing with their Surface 2. Among several problems, overheating and screen dimming problems on Microsoft Surface 2 are the most common issues.Overheating and Screen Dimming Problems on Microsoft surface 2How to Fix Overheating and Screen Dimming Problems on Microsoft Surface 2

Most of the gamers are facing both overheating and screen dimming problems on Microsoft Surface 2 because both the problems are linked. The tablet is designed in such a way so that it can deal with increasing temperatures and make the device cool by taking action. So screen brightness also gets affected by the increasing temperatures. The screen brightness in Surface 2 gets dimmed when the thermal temperature rises because of high CPU intensive activities such as gaming. It’s heard from Microsoft that their team is working on tuning updates, and they will remove this dimming event in the next update package. So you can expect to see this update in windows update package. In the meantime, to solve the overheating and screen dimming problems on Microsoft Surface 2, cool down the device for a minute so that the screen comes at the normal brightness level.

To cool down and to get a temporary solution for overheating and screen dimming problems on Microsoft surface 2 go to Settings > Power, and then press Restart to restart the device. Wait for few minutes and let the Surface 2 cool down. To fix this overheating and screen dimming problems on Surface 2, Microsoft will release a patch soon. To look for the patch go to Settings> Change PC Settings and press on Update and Recovery> Check Now.

Another two major issues are screen flickering and battery drainage problems on Microsoft Surface 2. If you use your tablet for hours after hours watching a movie or playing games, then obviously the battery will suffer. But many of the users have complained that they are facing battery drainage problems on Microsoft Surface 2 though they are using the device very limited. Some of the users have reported that the battery is draining when the device is in standby mode also.

To get the solution of battery drainage problem in Microsoft Surface 2, go into the Mail app and open Settings, then clicking on each account to set the frequency to download new mail at. The less it checks, the less battery will be used. Some users have reported that they started to face the problem after the November updates, and it seems that the problem is related to the Surface 2 being it’s unable to sleep properly.

Temporarily, you get around this bug by opening Settings Change PC Settings > PC and Devices and turning Bluetooth on. But to fix this bug permanently you have to wait for Microsoft to fix the bug.

Another common problem that users are facing is screen flickering. Some people have found the solution to this problem by turning off the automatic brightness. To do so go to Settings > Change PC settings > PC and device > power and sleep, then Brightness, and turn it off, then press Ok.


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