How to activate iPhone without SIM card

We all know that iPhones require a SIM card in order to be activated. This could be a problem for many people who want to use their old devices for some reason, for instance, to surf the web, or listen to music. In this article, we brought you the solutions you have been looking for. We will show you the way to activate iPhone without SIM card and get the advantage of all the functionalities of your device.

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Activate iPhone using iTunes:

For this method, you will need an unlocked iPhone, a computer (it does not matter if it is Windows or Mac) and also the latest version of the iTunes software (you can download it from here).
It’s considered the most helpful method to bypass iPhone activation without a SIM. One of the features that iTunes offers is to do such a service.

The first step is to connect the iPhone to the PC via the USB or lightning cable offered by Apple. Once the iPhone is connected, iTunes will show messages in order to guide you to the steps needed to activate your device.

Once your iPhone is detected by iTunes, choose the option “Set up as new iPhone” and select “continue”. A window will pop up telling you to “Sync with iTunes”. You need to click “Get Started” and then the “Sync” button. Hold on till the end of the process and at the moment when the synchronization is done, take your iPhone out of the computer and complete the remaining on the device. Your iPhone should be activated and so you are able to connect to the Wi-Fi and use your iPhone.

If iTunes is telling you that you need to install a SIM card to activate your iPhone, the reason might be that your iPhone is locked. If that’s the case, this method won’t work for you.

Activate iPhone using X-SIM or R-SIM:

Besides iTunes, there is another option. That other option is to use R-SIM or X-SIM. This type of SIM is going to do what the regular SIM card does with the iPhone. Let’s see how this method works.
Once this X or R-sim is installed into the iPhone, the phone will suggest a group of network operators. After that, you have to select your carrier from the list to go through the activation process. If the desired network does not show up in the list, you have to click “input imsi” option. The imsi code is composed of 7 digits and it refers to a particular cellular network, through which you can find any imsi code on the internet. So, try to provide the correct imsi to your phone.

When you have entered the right imsi code, choose your iPhone category from the suggested models. Once this step is done, select your appropriate unlocking process and follow the instructions till the end. When a confirmation message pops up, just click “Accept”, and your iPhone will instantly reboot to register the modifications you have made. Your iPhone then should be activated.


If the methods we have mentioned above didn’t work for you, the option you have is to jailbreak your iPhone. Jailbreaking your iPhone means that you have destructed every sort of limitations and restrictions built by Apple, therefore you will be able to activate your iPhone with no SIM card.