How To Enable Power Saving Mode On Samsung Galaxy S6

One of the biggest issues for smartphone owners is the battery that is draining fast. It is beyond annoying, but we already talked about some useful tips that can help you improve the battery life on Samsung Galaxy S6. Even if you don’t have any problems and if you are completely satisfied with the battery life, you may find yourself in a situation when your device is almost empty and you can’t charge it at the moment. Is there something you can do to make the battery last longer until you come home and charge it? There is. You can enable power saving mode on Samsung Galaxy S6, which is a true saver in these kinds of situations.

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How to enable power saving mode on Samsung Galaxy S6

In order to save the battery power, Power saving mode will reduce the performance of your smartphone. On Samsung Galaxy S6 you can choose between Power saving mode and Ultra power saving mode. Let’s see how to activate it:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Battery
  • You will see both options there: Power saving mode and Ultra power saving mode.
  • Tap on the option you want to
  • If you choose Power saving mode, tap on “Start Power saving mode” and choose one of the items. You can tap “Immediately”, or you can select one of the options set in % so the Power saving mode can start when your battery is on 50%, 20%, 15% or 5%.
  • If you choose Ultra power saving mode, move the switch from Off to On to enable it.

By enabling the Power saving mode, the CPU performance will be limited, the screen brightness will be reduced along with several other things.

By enabling Ultra Power saving mode, the screen will be switched to grayscale and all the apps that are not as essential will be turned off so you can get as much of the battery life as possible.

This is really useful, and as you can see, enabling the option is simple. Only a few clicks and you are done!

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