E-reader Or Tablet – Which One To Buy?

If you are a passionate reader and looking for a device that will let you sort, read, and manage all your e-books, you can choose between e-reader and a tablet. Even though e-readers and tablets look basically the same, these devices are completely different. E-readers are used for reading only and are not packed with many features. Tablets, on the other hand, can be used not only for reading but for many other things, such as surfing the web, watching videos, playing games, etc. The final decision which one to buy should be based on your needs. That is why we are going to discuss several things that you should take into consideration.

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Difference between e-readers and tablets

We have mentioned the main difference between e-readers and tablets – it is their purpose. While e-readers are used for reading and managing of e-books, tablets can be used for tons of other stuff. Let’s dive into the difference a little more.

The screen size – Most of the e-readers come with a 6-inch screen. If you are looking for a device that will have a larger screen, then you should get a tablet. They come in various screen sizes.

Audio and video – E-readers usually don’t have the option that will allow you to watch videos or listen to the music. If you love audiobooks and not just e-books, you won’t be able to listen to the books on the e-reader. Tablets are designed to fulfill various needs, so you can listen to the e-books and watch videos.

Apps – If you enjoy downloading and using apps and games on your iPhone or Android smartphone, you can do the same if you get an Android tablet or iPad. E-readers also have apps, but only the basic ones. These devices are not compatible with systems such as iOS and Android. This means you won’t be able to download and use the apps created for Android and iOS.

Colors – Tablets have color screens, and since e-readers are designed mainly for reading they come with a combination of black and white, same as the real books. For that reason, e-readers are much easier on the eyes. On the other hand, if you love cookbooks, magazines, or travel books a tablet would be a better option because of the color screen.

Battery life – You know that one of the biggest issues that bother so many smartphone and tablet users, is the battery life. We often look for solutions to make the battery last longer. It is because all of the features these devices are packed with. The battery life of the e-reader can last for days, even weeks.

Web connectivity – You can connect to a Wi-Fi network on both, e-reader and a tablet, but the experience is much simpler and more enjoyable on a tablet. If you need a device that will allow you to be connected all the time, an e-reader is not a device for you.

Distractions – What kind of experience are you looking for? Are you the type of the person who loves to spend hours reading without any distractions? If that is the case, then e-reader would be a better option. It does not come with tons of apps, notifications, and features. You will be completely focused on reading. If you love to take notes while reading or take a break to play a game, a tablet is a better investment.

Reading outside – Enjoy reading outside? If the answer is yes, go for an e-reader because they come with non-glare screens and they are adaptable, while tablets aren’t. As we already said, e-readers are easy on the eyes. They make the entire reading experience more comfortable and enjoyable indoors and outdoors.

Portability – E-readers are smaller in size and are lightweight. You can carry your e-reader with ease. Tablets come in various screen sizes, but they are not as lightweight as e-readers.

Price – E-readers are cheaper than tablets because they are designed with a single purpose – reading. For example, you can buy one of Amazon Kindle e-readers. Their price of the cheapest Kindle is $79.99. There is also Kindle Oasis, one of the most attractive e-readers on the market. Its price is $288. However, the price of tablets keeps dropping, so you can buy an affordable tablet as well.

E-book reading apps – If you choose an e-reader, there is no need to download and install e-book reading apps. In order to read books on a tablet, you will need an app. There are many great e-book reading apps for Android and iOS. These apps come with various options and features that make reading enjoyable.

Few other things to consider

We have discussed the difference between e-readers and tablets. Now that you have a bigger picture about these devices, there are a few other things to take into consideration.

Who will use it? – If you are looking for a device that will be used by all family members then a tablet is a much better option. With great connectivity options, apps and games, everyone will be able to enjoy using it. If you are the only user, going through the list of differences will do the trick.

E-book stores – If you want to have the access to many different e-book stores and sources, a tablet is a way to go. Just install the e-book app, Amazon Kindle or Nook for example, and you will get the access to the books available in their stores. When it comes to e-readers, you usually get access to only one bookstore. If you get a book from another source, you need to make sure the format of the book is readable on your device.

E-books for kids – Tablets are a much better option if you are planning to use a device to read e-books to your little ones, especially interactive kids’ books.

We have listed the differences between e-readers and tablets and a few other things you should take into consideration. You will surely make a great choice. Happy shopping!

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