Top Best EBook And Magazines Readers For Android

If you look up eBook reader apps in Google Play Store, the options are vast and diverse. Finding the right app

If you look up eBook reader apps in the Google Play Store, the options are vast and diverse. Finding the right app can be quite challenging, and that’s why we are going to share some of the best ones.

All the apps listed below offer a great experience, so no matter which one you choose, one thing is certain – you will enjoy reading on your Android phone or tablet.

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Top Best Android Readers for Magazines and eBooks

Google Play Books

If you like the entire Google experience, this app is for you. Google Play Books provides an enjoyable reading experience packed with many great features. There are millions of books, and many of them are free. You can upload EPUB and PDF files to your library, read offline, add notes, highlight text while reading, and use the dictionary and bookmark pages. There are three reading modes: day, night, and sepia. You can select the font size and use text-to-speech if the publisher allows it. This app has many other exciting features, and since it’s free, make sure to try it out.

Download Google Play Books

Moon+ Reader

Moon+ Reader is an excellent app that comes with many amazing features. There are two versions of this app, free and pro ($4.99). There are many eBooks you can read for free. The app supports PDF, EPUB, cbz, cbr, HTML, zip, rar, mobi, fb2, txt, and chm. Moon+ includes day and night mode, and it also allows you to set the font size, bookmark the pages, adjust the brightness when reading, and more. It is localized in 40 languages. The pro version is ad-free and has additional features, such as multi-point touch support, fonts, backgrounds and themes, headset and Bluetooth keys control, etc.

Download Moon+ Reader free version

Download Moon+ Pro


Aldiko is another eBook reader app you should try out. There is a free and premium version ($2.99). Aldiko readers support PDF and EPUB formats, and they are fully customizable. You can set the font type and size, line spacing, alignment, brightness, etc., according to your needs. You can also organize your eBooks by collections and tags. There is also a nighttime reading mode and many other options for an excellent reading experience. The Premium version is ad-free. It has book cover editing, notes, highlights for EPUB files, and more. You may try out the free version first and if you like it, you can easily switch to Premium.

Download Aldiko free version

Download Aldiko Premium


PocketBook has all the essentials for an exceptional reading experience. It supports PDF, EPUB, TXT, FB3, HTML, RTF, CBZ and more. PocketBook has a user-friendly interface and allows the readers to customize their experience: choose the layouts, colors, text size, etc. The app's key features include single, dual, and scroll viewing modes, easy book navigation, lock screen orientation, quick access to highlights, content, and notes. This eBook reader is free.

Download PocketBook


This is another free eBook reader that supports various formats, such as EPUB, fb2, RTF, HTML, doc, etc. You can easily access eBook stores and catalogs. It is localized in 34 languages. FBReader is customizable, so you can adjust the screen brightness, choose fonts and their size, set custom backgrounds, use day or night mode when reading, and more. The app is free.

Download FBReader

eReader Prestigio

This app deserves to be on the list of the best eBook readers for Android. The app allows you to read text files in several formats: PFD, EPUB, HTML, fb2, MOBI, DJVU, EPUB3, and more. The app supports MP3, AAC, and MB4 format. Text-to-speech functionality is included as well. You can personalize your experience by creating wish lists, buying new books, downloading free ones, reading using night mode, etc. The app is free, but it offers in-app purchases.

Download eReader Prestigio: Book Reader

Mantano Ebook Reader

Like Moon+ Reader and some other apps mentioned here, Mantano eBook Reader has two editions: Free and Premium ($5.66). The free edition comes with ads, but it is fast and user-friendly. It supports the most common formats. When reading, you can easily customize the display, access notes, bookmarks, and highlights, use night mode, and filter the books by tags, authors, and collections. You can access many bookstores to buy eBooks and download free ones. The Premium edition includes additional features and a text-to-speech function.

Download Mantano eBook Reader free edition

Download Mantano eBook Reader Premium

eBook Droid

eBook Droid is one of the most popular eBook reader apps in the Google Play Store. It supports various document formats, including PFD, EPUB, and comic book formats such as cbz. This app offers numerous options: text highlighting, external dictionary support, text selection, free-hand annotations, zoom, and so on. It is highly customizable, so you can adjust just about everything for an outstanding Android reading experience.

Download eBook Droid

Amazon Kindle

With Kindle, you can enjoy reading your favorite books and easily shop for books, including New York Times best sellers and new releases. Before purchasing a book, you can read the first chapter. There are many free books as well. The app is equipped with a built-in dictionary and the option to sync your eBooks across devices. You can customize your reading by adjusting the screen brightness, choosing fonts and sizes, and more.

Download Amazon Kindle


With Nook, you can read books, newspapers, magazines, comics, and more. You can access more than four million books, including one million free books. Nook has some great features: bookmarks, notes, the option to create several profiles for your entire family, adjustable fonts and font sizes, night mode, and more. An account and credit card registration are required. The app is free.

Download Nook


The Dailyhunt application, formerly NewsHunt, provides the latest news and study materials, but it also has a bookstore and comes with reader features. You can browse and download the books and choose from various genres. You can buy individual chapters if you don’t want to purchase the entire book. You can also read magazines and magazine singles.

Download Dailyhunt 

Wattpad – Free Books and Stories

The Wattpad app comes with tons of free books and stories. It allows you to connect with other passionate readers and writers. Search for popular genres, find stories and books that inspire you, and write your own stories—sync stories and eBooks between your Android smartphone, tablet, and computer. Wattpad is a free app with in-app purchases. Try it out! It’s incredible, and you will love it!

Download Wattpad 

These are some of the best eBook readers for Android. Which app are you using?

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