How To Customize Galaxy Note 8

The Galaxy Note 8 is one of the best smartphones from Samsung so far, as it comes equipped with ample well-ordered features at one place that other phones might not have. You can customize Galaxy Note 8 by changing the things you want. Here are some tips and ideas.

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Customize Galaxy Note 8

Themes for Galaxy Note 8

One of the coolest things about Galaxy Note 8 is its theme feature, which is flexible enough to let you change the appearance of your phone theme display. There are different themes like live wallpapers, 3D-like motion wallpapers etc. Moreover, you can select wallpapers, icon packs, AOD designs, and more. See how to change themes and wallpapers for your phone:

  • Long-press on a vacant space on your home screen.
  • Then pick ‘Wallpapers and themes’.
  • Choose the ‘Themes’ from on the bottom part.
  • Pick your favorite theme and download it (there are free and paid themes).
  • After you download a theme, you can go to the theme page and click on ‘Apply’. You can find the theme page either in the Samsung Themes or ‘My page’ area.
  • Then confirm by clicking on ‘Apply’ button again.


Navigation Bar

How To Customize Galaxy Note 8

Before Galaxy Note 8 and S8, Samsung was using a physical Home button and capacitive buttons for ‘Back’ option and see ‘Recent’. However, now on Galaxy Note 8 and S8, Samsung is using on-screen buttons. You can modify the bar’s background color and if you want, you can also rearrange the navigation buttons.

Customizing the navigation bar:

  • Go to the Settings menu
  • Scroll the screen to Display option
  • Find and click on Navigation bar
  • There you can change the navigation bar’s background color, the extent of pressure needed to ‘hard press’ the home button, and rearrange the navigation buttons.
  • Choose the Button layout you want and change the layout of the navigation button.


Full-Screen Mode

The Note 8 has a huge 6.3-inch display. You can enable full-screen app mode for an improved experience. First, go to Settings, then choose Display option in the settings menu, next select the option ‘Full Screen Apps’, then look for any app that is not highlighted and switch on the full-screen mode.


Fingerprint Scanner

The fingerprint scanner is useful when it comes to the security of your phone. Nevertheless, it offers a lot more than that. You can immediately log into your accounts, websites, online banking applications, or Samsung Pay app. You can easily access all this without using passwords as soon as you set up the fingerprint scanner. For this:

Go to Settings menu and look for ‘Lockscreen & Security’ option, or use the search bar at the top of the screen. In ‘Lockscreen & Security’scroll the page down to Fingerprints. Then, follow the on-screen prompts and add fingerprint. Some apps will provide the option to use fingerprints in place of a password.


Smart Lock

If you do not want to use Fingerprint option, you can use ‘Smart Lock’. This option uses favorite and trusted locations and connected devices to avoid unlocking the phone once it recognizes it is in a secure place.

Go to ‘Lockscreen & Security’ option in settings. Then, choose ‘Smart Lock’ option and enable it. You will get four separate and pick the one that works best for you.


Blue Light Filter

Blue Light Filter is like the night mode. This will turn off particular blue colors on the screen to avert strain on the eyes. Samsung also has a sunrise and sunset toggle so the setting is on only for the night.

Go to Settings menu > Choose Display > Pick Blue Light Filter and change the setting as you like. The screen will be more tolerable at night with a smaller amount of blue light that will be easier on your eyes.

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