How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Bluetooth Issues

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Bluetooth Issues

Even before there were apps to transfer data, Bluetooth was there for sharing pictures, videos, and music or other files with others. Two devices can be connected to each other with Bluetooth wirelessly. We generally use Bluetooth to connect to our car or headsets wirelessly to listen to music. Bluetooth issues on a smartphone could be annoying and some of the Note 8 users seem to be facing issues with their Bluetooth. However, it can be easily resolved. Here is how to fix Galaxy Note 8 Bluetooth issues.

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Ways To Fix Galaxy Note 8 Bluetooth Issues

How to Fix Galaxy Note 8 Bluetooth Issues

The complaints that were reported on this were – Bluetooth devices not recognized by the phone and if they are visible they don’t connect.

Step 1– For the first solution, you can simply disconnect the Bluetooth connection and then try and connect it again.

Step 2– If the problem still persists you can clear the cache of the Bluetooth. Follow the below steps to clear the cache of Bluetooth and fix Galaxy Note 8 Bluetooth issues:

  • Go to Settings and head over to Application Manager in the options
  • Swipe right to display all the tabs
  • Locate the Bluetooth tab and tap on it to select force stop option
  • Now tap on Clear Cache and then Clear Data
  • When prompted ‘OK’ tap on it
  • Exit and then restart your Galaxy Note 8.

Step 3– If you still face problems then you will have to wipe the cache partition of your smartphone. Wiping the cache partition of your Note 8 is also an excellent way to solve issues. Wiping the cache partition will not delete any data. Not only will your phone become fast but any small issues such as this will also be solved. Here is what you need to do:

  • You should back-up your data first on the internal memory. Those who have Anti-theft activated on their phone will have to use their Google credentials to complete the process.
  • Now switch off the Note 8
  • Press and hold together the Bixby button, Volume Up button, and Power button
  • As you see the Android logo displayed on your screen let go of all the buttons
  • You need to use the Volume Down button to navigate and highlight the ‘Wipe Cache partition’
  • Pressing the Power button will select the option
  • Once again use the Volume Down button and when you highlight ‘Yes’ use Power button to select
  • The process will begin and when the cache partition is wiped ‘Reboot System Now’ is highlighted automatically
  • Use the Power button and restart the Note 8

Your Bluetooth issues will be solved. You will be able to connect your phone to other Bluetooth devices. Use the above ways to fix the Galaxy Note 8 Bluetooth issues.

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  1. I am starting to regret switching from iPhone to note 8. I purchased it because the IPhone battery was starting to hold less charge and the leak to the issue that Apple had been slowing the cpu and gpu without any consent to do so. The lame excuse was to keep week battery from shutting down the phone. Either that or they were Sabotaging older iPhones to encourage them to buy the new phone. It was underhanded no matter how you spin it, so i bought a note 8. I started noticing the phone was very susceptible to interference with almost anything. Start by motorcycle it cuts out (I listen to audio books constantly), turn off truck, drops playing, turn on Tv, dropped audio. I never had a problem on my iPhone 5c, and I’m probably go back to an iPhone

  2. I have 2 note 8’s and the Bluetooth range is horrible when trying to use with my wireless ear buds. I can’t even keep either of them in my back pocket without the music cutting out as I walk. How do I know the problem is with the Bluetooth 5.0 phones and not the ear buds, you may ask? Because I also paired them with an iPhone 8 as well as an iPhone 6s which has Bluetooth 4.2 and they worked flawlessly.
    So what’s the deal I thought Bluetooth 5.0 was supposed to be so much better than Bluetooth 4.2 but in my case the range in which they work with a straight forward, non obstructed signal is about the same and any obstruction at all with the Galaxy causes Bluetooth to cut off whereas not show with the iPhone.
    Any help that could be given or tweak that could be made to increase the Bluetooth signal on these phones would be appreciated. Thank you

  3. You are my FAVORITE person today!! Thank you so much for the directions… I only realized it was my phone instead of my Pixem Robot Camera! I tried to connect to another bluetooth device that was not synced to my Note 8 and realized the connectivity issue was my phone …. Thank you again!

  4. Unfortunately, on my Samsung Note 8 the Bluetooth App is not listed so it must be embedded in the OS install.
    1.Go to Settings and head over to Application Manager in the options
    2.Swipe right to display all the tabs
    3.Locate the Bluetooth tab and tap on it to select force stop option
    4.Now tap on Clear Cache and then Clear Data
    5.When prompted ‘OK’ tap on it
    6.Exit and then restart your Galaxy Note 8.
    Mine originally worked hands-free through my JVC radio, then stopped one day. I cannot reconnect, even though both the radio and the phone display the same 6-digit code.
    My Note 8 experience has been mostly negative.

  5. Bluetooth accidentally switched on by the phone screen but there is no icon to switch it off. If I press that same icon again it thinks I want it on. How can I switch it off please?

  6. I downloaded an app called Bluetooth Box and it fixed the connectivity issues I was having with my note 8 and my 2012 Toyota Camry

  7. Bluetooth issue. My other devices connect fine via Bluetooth to a new speaker. Note 8 connects but keeps disconnecting for no reason. I’ve tried the wipe cache option but still no improvement. Can some one help or advise when the next bluetooth update is.

  8. My note 8 isn’t working with my Oakley Radar Pace glasses. The phone bluetooth connects but the media toggle won’t bluetooth connect. My note 5 worked great. I tried the fixes people have been reporting for vehicles who have the same problem with the media toggle, but nothing is working. Super irritated.

    1. I am having the same problem with my Samsung Galaxy S8 (Android 8 Oreo) and the Oakley Radar Pace. Like yourself, the phone audio connects but the media audio toggle will not enable. I have written to Oakley but have yet to receive a reply.

  9. I’ve been having problem for about a month. Galaxy Note 8 used to stay connected to my car (reconnect after the car started.) Now the car always says that there is no phone connected. I can connect it manually, but Bluetooth turns off (on phone) approx 7-8 minutes later. I turn it back on, get the music playing again, and 7-8 minutes later the Bluetooth is off on the phone again. Was working fine with this vehichle for 4-5 months before this problem occurred.

    1. Hola pudo solucionar su problema? A mi me esta pasando igual es muy molesto…Muchas gracias es pero pudiera ayudarme

  10. I got the Note 8 preordered and I was very happy and excited I got it and and now im so upset at samsung and my Note 8 and that it let me down, im having Bluetooth issues and I did every step to fix, I even reset my phone to factory default setting and wiped out everything and it still continued, my phone connects to any device but it auto disconnects itself from device connected within seconds, my provider is tmobile and I called samsung directly and told them of my issues with the Bluetooth and they stated they did not have any reports of Note 8 Bluetooth malfunctioning, and I stated that there are several blogs online of people complaining of this situation, and the only resolution samsung gave me was to send my phone to them to get it fixed and I said no because I could do that with my phone provider, and I’m very upset cause being a very expensive phone, I never thought it would let me down, but I don’t like iPhone but I know it won’t let me down like this, I understand if I broke or had water damage I would understand. Samsung checked my imi number to verify I didn’t have any damages, which I didn’t. So maybe Samsung needs an update patch or something.

  11. Hi, my galaxy note 8 does not have an “application manager” in the settings and nowhere can I find clear cache for bluetooth. For some reason, I can’t connect to my car now. It was connecting a few days ago and now it won’t even discover my car. It still connects to my speakers in the house. I have tried everything in the settings over and over, restarted the phone……nothing works. Can you help? I am starting to wish i hadn’t spent all that money on a new phone. My old windows Nokia Lumia 1520 phone still connects to the car. Thinking of putting my sim card back in that and not using my new phone. Changed over because the apps are crap for windows phones and the new apps are never made for windows, but if that’s the only thing that is better, then maybe I should have not wasted my money.

  12. Thank you ever so much for step 2 instructions! Before I followed your instructions, my Note 8 was not found by any bluetooth device. Now it works with the two I have tried and I am really happy that it works with my car.

    I have spent so many hours trying to fix this, but thanks to your tip, my problem is solved.

    Kind regards,


  13. Have done it exactly as above – still not working.
    This Bluetooth issue (Galaxy NOTE 8) has nothing to do with Cache/Data and will NOT work without a update/patch from SUMSUNG directly.
    My NOTE 8 is not even finding my SAMSUNG Smart TV or the SAMSUNG Soundbar

    1. I called up Verizon and they had me reset my network settings. It is under Settings: General Management: Reset: Reset Network Settings. You have to re-link everything to your phone but that is a small price to pay for being able to listen to books again while driving to and from work! I will try and reconnect with my truck. Clearing the Cache did nothing for me. My phone was disconnecting from my truck every 5 or so minutes over and over. Hopefully this will help.

      1. resetting network settings worked for me too. I couldn’t use samsung flow because my phone was not actually visible, despite it saying it is.

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