Common Problems on Micromax Canvas And Their Solutions

Micromax has been making headlines since the time they have launched the first handset in their signature Canvas series. Since then the Indian multinational has launched a number of smart phones in its canvas series and has made a solid name for itself in the market with quality offerings at really affordable prices. Micromax has really changed the Indian smartphone market and has made it free from the clutches of only international smartphone makers who used to dictate the process of their offered devices. Now even though the company takes great care in offering its customers the highest quality products but still there remains some minor bugs and issues which make the customer irritated sometimes. There are some common problems on Micromax Canvas which are being faced by many of the users. If you are also facing these same problems with your Micromax Canvas then don’t worry as the following guide is here to fix all of these.

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Common Problems on Micromax Canvas and their fixes

Frequent rebooting

One of the Common Problems on Micromax Canvas is frequent and random rebooting. This problem is also quite annoying as the phone starts having random reboots. The problem is supposed to be caused by the change of mobile network from GPRS to HSPA. Another reason could be the battery problem. So check to see if the battery is OK on your Micromax Canvas. If it’s swollen then just get it replaced and your problem would be solved. If not then the network change might be the cause of your Micromax Canvas problem. So follow the following steps to solve this issue.

  • Go to the Settings and then Dual SIM Settings of your phone.
  • Here select SIM 1 and then go into the Mobile Network Settings.
  • After this just tap on the Network Mode and select GSM only. The default settings must be on the GSM/WCDMA option and you need to change it to the GSM only mode.
  • After doing the above your problem would be solved and you wouldn’t face this issue again. If you are still facing the issue and then you would have to take your phone to the nearest Micromax Service centre.
Common Problems on Micromax Canvas

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Network Drop

There can be situations when your Micromax Canvas faces this issue. It can face the problem on random call droppings and also so network present. This issue is also common to many of the other Android phones from other leading brands of the world as well. Even though it is one of the common problems on Micromax Canvas but it is not limited to just Micromax. This problem can be caused by a number of reason. Let’s see how this annoying problem can be fixed and the steps that you need to follow.

  • First of all, just turn off the phone and then remove and reinsert the SIM card properly to make sure that it is not caused by faulty SIM card placement.
  • Try to use the same SIM card in some other phone to see if the problem is of phone or the SIM. If the SIM doesn’t work on another phone as well then replace it.
  • Just go to Mobile Networks and then try selecting the network manually. This will help you reconnect back to the network.
  • Also, you can try to toggle the airplane mode On and Off to reconnect back to the network. When you turn off the airplane mode the phone will automatically reconnect to the network again.

Battery Drain Issue

Another very annoying problem on Micromax Canvas is the rapid battery drain. Many users have reported that their phone battery has been behaving strangely and they have seen a very high battery drainage which has caused the battery dying too soon. So if you are also facing this issue then we are suggesting some ways that could help you increase your battery life.

Screen Brightness- The most of the battery of your phone is consumed by the screen. So if you keep the brightness level at high then it is obvious that the battery would be consumed more. A good way is to keep the battery brightness at a level which is just comfortable for the eyes to view and is not too bright.

Clear RAM- Also one of the other things that eat up a lot of battery is the background apps that keep running on your mobile phone. Every time you do not close an app it still keeps running in the background and thus keeps on eating up the battery of your device. So the best way would be to keep clearing up the RAM frequently as this will close all the apps running in the background.

Unwanted Service- If you have GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth on all the time even when you don’t actually need them then the battery life of your phone is sure to die out very soon. This is because these services take up a lot of battery for a run and keeping them on without need is definitely making the battery consume unnecessarily. So keep them off when you do not these services.

There is a good possibility that the above methods would be able to solve the battery issue but if it still doesn’t then you can perform a factory reset of your phone. The method for this is given in the end.

Common Problems on Micromax Canvas

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Overheating issue

Another of the very annoying problems in the Micromax Canvas has been the overheating of the phone. As the phone uses a really high powered processor so it is supposed to take up a lot of battery and thus would also generate a lot of heat. Well this is normal for a phone to heat up after some time of usage. But if you are seeing the heating up of phone just after 5-10 minutes of usage then it is something that you should be concerned about.

In many of the cases, just a simple restart of the device would fix this issue. So try that and see if the restarting of the device has been able to fix the overheating issue or not.

If not then there is a good possibility that the overheating is caused by some third party application. So if the problem has been occurring after installation of a new app then you know here the problem lies. Just uninstall that application and then check if the problem still persists. If it does then giving the phone a factory reset might be a good idea. So do and check to see if that solves the issue.


Charging Problem

Another really annoying problem on Micromax Canvas is when the phone fails to charge even when the charger is plugged in. Now to fix this issue follow the following steps.

  • Remove the battery of the phone and then put it back again.
  • Now plug in the cable from the charger into the phone.
  • After this just press the power button for at least 8-10 seconds and you will see a battery icon. You will not see that it is charging but just a battery icon on the display.
  • But after seeing this you don’t need to let go of the power button. Keep it pressed for at least 3-4 minutes. The battery icon the screen will flicker and the boot screen will come up.
  • Once you see the boot screen through this method your problem is solved and you will be able to charge your Canvas normally again.

These were the 5 common problems on Micromax Canvas and we have tried to provide some solutions for these. If the problems are solved then keep enjoying your Micromax Canvas and if the above-given solutions were not able to solve your problems then they might be something more serious that couldn’t be just solved by these minor fixes and you would have to take your Micromax canvas to the nearest Micromax Canvas Service centre to get it repaired or replaced.

Note: Just keep your phone updated at all times with the latest available software. This is because many times the company itself launches some fixes for common problems with its updates. So keeping the phone updated will make sure that you do not miss out of any of the bug fixes launched by the company.

Back panel attracts the fingerprints and smudges

Those using a Micromax Canvas Knight will most probably face this issue which occurs mainly due to the design related issue. This handset has received a re-design that is the combination of iPhone and Sony Xperia but still some flaws stayed back where the back panel of the device attracts a huge amount of smudges and fingerprints. This issue is mainly due to the matted finish which is much more different than that of the glass display which is much glossier. Here is the possible solution.

The best way to resolve this issue is to get a phone cover or matted cover for the back panel of your Micromax Canvas Knight. Also, if you are much concerned about the newly owned phone, a flip cover would be best as it can protect the handset from all kind of harms such as drop, dirt etc. Flip covers are available in leather and plastic, so you can go for the one that is required by you.

App crashing

Some users have complained of apps crashing issues very frequently while they use an app. For example, some games are stuck or getting stopped suddenly from working while some other apps are lagging and showing too slow performance.

This is all because of the very advanced True Octa-Core SoC where most of the android apps are still not optimized for this processor. The earlier developer has designed the apps keeping in mind the dual core Socs whereas now most of the latest Smartphone coming to the market are equipped with either Quad-core or Octa core CPUs. And this is the issue with this Micromax canvas handset as well. So, this issue is quite normal and you need to wait till Micromax comes out with their latest update for the firmware. Also, keep on updating the apps regularly as soon as any update is released on the app store.


Like any other handset, Micromax Canvas Knight too has a custom UI and it includes several bloatware apps that are of no use actually but occupy huge space in the devices. So, if you want to get rid of that unused and unnecessary bloatware, read below the solution for that.

CyanogenMod is the custom ROM that can help you in such situation. Just install the Custom ROM and have access to all the latest features of Android. You can uninstall the app that is not required by you, also can choose the overall interface of the set and more. But those who are not fond of this CyanogenMod can look for Nova Launcher as well to enjoy the same features.

But remember to have a backup of the device beforehand for safety. Another best part of using CyanogenMod is that it does not require you to root your device.

This will work fine for you, but in case you are not happy always come back to the default settings by performing a factory reset.


Factory Reset Method

Apart from the above-mentioned solutions, you can try doing a factory reset of your phone as it works for most of the minor issues. This will take your phone to the state when you first purchased and would delete all the data from the phone. So make sure that you create a backup of your important files. After making a back up just follow the following process for doing a factory reset.

  • Power Off your Phone
  • Now get the phone into recovery mode by pressing Volume Up, Volume Down and power buttons simultaneously.
  • Now go to the Factory reset option and then confirm the selection when asked.
  • After this just reboot the phone and your phone will get into the state when you first purchased it.


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