How To Fix Redmi Note Battery Drain Issue

The Mi Note. is undoubtedly a great device and is loaded with a lot of features and has the hardware specifications that can give a good competition to any other premium range smartphone out there. The device has been loved by the people too and the flash sales have lasted just a few seconds for this great device. But even then there are some issue with the phone which are causing the users a lot of annoyance. One of the few small issues that the phone has is the battery drain issue.

If you are also facing the same Redmi Note battery Drain issue and are totally confused about the problem then this guide is for you. This post will tell how you can extend the battery life to get rid of the Redmi Note battery Drain issue.

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Fixes for Redmi Note battery Drain problem

Clear RAM of your phone

In today’s world everybody is a multi-tasker and has a lot of different applications opened in his/her phone too. And what happens many times is that even when we are not using an application any more it still keeps running in the background. Now when this application is still running in the background then it consumes a lot of battery and thus makes the battery last less. So always keep clearing the RAM every now and then. This will ensure that you have no background apps running and would thus make the battery of your Redmi Note last longer.

Redmi Note battery Drain problem

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Disable unneeded services

It might be that you are making use of WIFI, Bluetooth or GPS a lot during your normal day to day usage. But one thing to keep in mind is that these services cost a lot of battery power. So if you keep them running even when you are not making use of any of them then your battery is surely going to last shorter. That’s why it is advised that whenever you are not using these services then just turn them off. This will also save you a lot of battery power and would thus help you get rid of the Redmi Note battery Drain issue.

Redmi Note Battery Drain Issue

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Low the screen brightness

If you keep the brightness of your phone to a very high level then please note that the screen of the phone is something that takes up a lot of battery of your phone. So keeping at a level which is just moderate or low and is also comfortable for the eyes is better both for you and your battery.

Use some other Launcher

You surely would be liking the awesome MIUI launcher in the Redmi Note but please note one thing that this launcher is really heavy and thus takes up a lot of RAM of your device and this leads to the requirement of a lot of battery power as well. So in this case switching to a third party launcher is a great idea as it will help you make the battery of Redmi Note last longer.
Also if you are using some heavy theme then try uninstalling it as it can also end up eating a lot of your phone battery.

Keep your phone updated

Another great tip that you should always follow for any of your device not just Redmi Note is to keep it updated with the latest software. The manufacturing company keeps sending updates for its devices to fix some minor issues that they come to know from the post usage experience of their customers. So there is a great possibility that the issue that you might be facing must have been faced by many and the company has given an update just to fix that issue. So always keep the phone updated with latest of the available updates for your device.

So these are the best ways to extend the life of your phone’s battery and get rid of the annoying Redmi Note battery Drain issue. We hope that the guide was able to solve your problem.