Best Adventure Games for Android

There is nothing that can beat the excitement of playing an adventure game. In fact, the Play Store is full of them. If you like to play adventure games in your free time and are confused on which one would delight you the most, then here is a list of best adventure games for Android.

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List of Best Adventure Games for Android

Dead Effect 2

Adventure Games for Android

This is an action sci-fi shooter game that offers console class action to its users. There is a storyline that you need to follow and within it, you will train and grow in your character. You can gather and upgrade the weapons that you have. You also get body-implants that are high-tech and have various functions and features. The sounds and movie-quality and the narration are done by professional voice artists.

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The Walking Dead No Man’s Land

Adventure Games for Android

You have all the characters from the AMC’s The Walking Dead in this game – Daryl, Rick, Michonne, Glenn, Maggie, and others. This is a thrilling game with action set in every move that you take. You will have to select your team who will have to go on missions. You need to take care of shelter, food, and water. Also, you will solve puzzles and increase your group and keep them safe. There are weekly challenges, outposts and much more. Every character has his/her own style of fighting and specialty in using a specific weapon.

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The Wolf Among Us

Adventure Games for Android

This is one of the best adventure game for Android. It comes from the creators of The Walking Dead. The characters from fairy tale have escaped to our world. This is an amazing game which is based on fables and the decision you take could lead to different consequences. The Bigby Wolf is the character who you control. You are investigating the murder of a woman and collect all the evidence. They can be examined from the inventory later on.

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Game of Thrones

Adventure Games for Android

For those who are in love with the series, this one is a perfect game. One of the most famous shows of HBO can now be played as a game. The story is about House of Forrester who is from the north of Westeros and speaks of their loyalty to the Starks from Winterfell. The entire game is set in six episodes and each one gets more exciting than the last. As war encroaches the Five Kings are seen fighting amongst each other and seven kingdoms are seen torn up amongst their gory wars. You can take the role of different characters in the Forrester household and your decisions will decide the fate of the war.

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Batman – The Telltale Series

Adventure Games for Android

You can now enact the role of rich and handsome Bruce Wayne who is Batman too. The game has been set in a way that the player would have the choice to turn to Batman or Bruce Wayne. The game has been created in the background when Bruce Wayne has recently decided to become Batman. There are investigations which let the character use their skills to take the storyline forward. There is one free episode included in the game.

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This War of Mine

Adventure Games for Android

You are a civilian in this game who along with others is trying to save a besieged city. There are snipers and scavengers who will not let you leave your hideout. Food is scarce and medicines are less. You have to take care of the survivors and leave at night slowly on a mission and wade through some set of locations to collect items that will let you stay alive. You need to design your own weapons and also control your survivors. It is a completely new story where you are not the one who has guns or weapons instead are trying to survive a dire situation.

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To The Moon

Adventure Games for Android

The gameplay involves the life of Johnny and his memories. Johnny has to look for certain objects and gather energy from them to make his memory strong and then look deeper into his memory to find a part of it which is lost. This is something about his childhood. You as Johnny would have to look around his house at times and look for certain objects that connect to your memories. If the player is unable to gather enough energy he/she cannot move ahead with the game. As the items are collected and the player has seen all his memories they would be able to connect all the things together. What’s more, Johnny will be able to manipulate memories and change objects, events and characters so he believes that he accomplished his dream of going to the Moon. This adventure game is quite different from the others that involve weapons, inventory etc.

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Lara Croft Deus Ex GO

Adventure Games for Android

The game is based on the Tomb Raider franchise. As Lara Croft, you need to navigate through the different levels solving puzzles so you can move ahead to the next level of the story. There isn’t any special story or anything, however, like the movie you can expect a lot of adventure. What’s more, there are turrets, puzzles, drones, enemies, and guards who you need to take down. There are moe than 50 puzzles in the storyline of this game.

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Samorost 3

Adventure Games for Android

The creators of Botanicula and Machinarium have created this game. This is the most adventurous game in the all the three Samorost series. It is about a magical flute that falls around the Gnome’s home who wants to know where it actually came from. The journey is around the cosmos and he meets an engineer and asks him to build a rocket. The Gnome then flies to different planets and asks the different creatures of those planets about the flute he has discovered. He ultimately finds out that the flute belongs to four monks but the peace among them has been broken and the Gnome will now go to an evil monk and perform some actions that will set things right.

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Every game is unique and will keep you amused. Enjoy playing!

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