Top Best Offline Android Games

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Do you happen to be a game freak? Do you go out of your senses when the Internet connection is not working and you are not able to play your favorite online game? You can switch and start playing free offline games that can run even without the Internet connection on your smartphone or tablet.

On Android smartphones or tablets, when you download a particular game from the Google Play Store you need the internet connection to play the game. To offer respite to the game-lovers, we have made a list of some of the best offline Android games that can keep you engaged and entertained even when your Internet connection is not working. Here are some of the best free offline Android games in different genres as per your interest and preference.

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8 Best Offline Android Games

Shooter/Action – Major Mayhem

You would not be able to resist yourself from the addictive nature of the Major Mayhem that is one of the best offline Android games to enjoy with no Internet connection on your smartphone or tablet. This is another famous series of the Adult Swim offline Android games that has an endless single-player campaign. The game is staged on the action or shooter genre. The enemies in the game pop out from hidden spots that are used to exhilarate the experience of the players. Major Mayhem can offer the best respite when you are frustrated with your slow Internet connection and you can take all of your frustration out on the enemies by tapping to kill them or even throwing bombs at them. It could be a super fun and adventurous game to play for those who wish to kill time with no Internet connection.


This is another from the series of the best free offline Android games. BADLAND is a 2D runner game where the players have to pace faster than the screen or else they can end up in losing the game. To add to the fun and excitement, the game features the silhouetted graphics of the characters with colorful backdrops to keep the players engaged for a longer period of time. BADLAND also offer the thrill to play with a local multiplayer and has more than 100 levels. With BADLAND, the players can even create their own levels and share them.

Shadow Fight

Another action-packed free offline game that can be the perfect choice for those who love action. With the fun and exciting game, you can even learn some of the moves to evolve as a true warrior. With two action moves: kicking or punching the opponent, the players can amplify their gaming experience with the use of a direction pad as well. With the help of one of the best offline Android games, the players can even emerge out as excellent ninjas by learning some of the fun moves in Shadow Fight. What better option to kill time than utilizing it to learn the action moves!

Asphalt Nitro

Wish to race like a pro? Asphalt Nitro is another super thrilling game from the best free offline Android games series that can take your racing excitement to another level when you have nothing to do. The best feature of this offline games is that it takes only 110 MB of your phone storage and can be considered as one of the best offline Android games for those having poor or absence of Internet connection. Nitro is the differential version of the famous Asphalt racing car game series. You cannot expect the graphics to be as excellent as the Asphalt series, but the gameplay is super exciting. All you need to do is to get in your car and keep on racing up to 125 levels, each with enhanced difficulty level. All ready to get, set and go for the best offline racing games of today.

Plants VS Zombies 2

All of those who have a zeal for playing mobile games must have loved the first series of the Plants VS Zombies game. Here comes the second series of the fun strategic game that has been considered as the best free offline Android games by several players of the world. Even in the Plants VS Zombies 2 series, there is an array of plants with different special qualities. Zombies wish to intrude into your garden and kill you. All you need to do is to plot the plants in such a way that their special powers are used to kill the zombies. This calls for strategic planning as with each level the difficulty in playing the game gets tougher.

Flick Soccer 17

For those who love soccer, there could be nothing better than the offline game of Flick Soccer 17 that is available all for free and can be enjoyed even at the witching hours when the Internet connection is not working. Flick Soccer 17 is the 2017 version of the previous Flick Soccer game. Some of the salient features that make this sporty game even more fun includes excellent graphics, improved physics and better accuracy. All that you would need is the strategy and the passion for scoring the highest number of goals for winning the game. If you wish to increase your score, there are bonuses as well like target boosts, more time and double pointer.

Sea Battle 2

If you are hit by the action bug, then this could be one of the best free offline Android games to spend your time when you do not have the Internet connection. Sea Battle 2 is the digital recreation of the super exhilarating series Battleships which shares the same level of fun as the original version. When you are playing this game in the offline mode, you get to play against the AI (Artificial Intelligence). The best feature offered by this exciting offline game is that you can even play with multiplayer over Bluetooth. So even if your partner does not have it installed on his or her phone, you two can have a good time by taking turns over a single phone.

Crossy Road

You could never be as addictive as by playing this free offline game. Crossy Road is an excellent 8-bit pixel art style offline game in which you just have to control the chicken who simply wants to cross the road. All you need to do is to control the movement of the chicken by avoiding the cars on the highways and make it traverse to the safer grassy lane. You just have to be fast with the chicken.

There are several other best free offline Android games available for you to download and exhilarate the gaming experience when there is poor or no Internet connection in your premises. With so many free offline games available on the Google Play Store, you can select the best among them as per your genre and can enjoy endless fun at any time of the day or night.

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