Apple Watch Will Reach 2.3 M Pre-Orders Worldwide, Most of It Is Sport Collection

On April 10, 2015, Apple Watch pre-orders were starting to be open in 9 countries where Apple started to be sold for the first time. Previously we have known the estimation of Apple Watch pre-order until late Sunday 12th April in US through polling data of 2 million online shoppers, done by Slice Intelligence which has reached 1 million pre-orders. Tim Cook personally have said that Apple Watch pre-order was really great.


Apple Watch will Reach 2.3 M Pre-Orders Worldwide, Most of It Is Sport Collection

The latest data from KGI’s Ming -Chi Kuo reveal that global pre-orders estimation until upcoming May including the US is predicted Apple Watch will reach 2.3 M pre-orders. KGI’s Ming-Chi Kuo is one of the analysts in term of prediction which is also well known as an accurate analyst. Their data were taken from the estimation of how large Apple will produce Apple Watch and supply chain in that production. They even have predicted that Apple Watch Sport Collection demand will reach 85%, Apple Watch Collection 14% and Apple Watch edition 1%.

Ming-Chi Kuo:

“We estimate production could reach 2.5 million units in June, absent supply chain bottlenecks; thus global pre-orders are less than the 4.8 million units of combined production in March-June as most of those pre-ordering can get Apple Watch in June. At present, iPhone shipments stand at 50-60 million units per quarter, suggesting less than one-tenth of iPhone users have preordered Apple Watch.”

This thing is still a prediction which didn’t show the success from Apple Watch selling yet. Before, we have read about Apple Watch pre-orders estimation data that has reached 1 million in the US, but this number cannot be generalized in other regions and countries where the spread of the iPhone is not as many as in the US  or where in the countries a lot of Apple fans and early technology adopter.

Ming-Chi Kuo is also predicting about the bottle neck in the making of Apple Watch related to the challenge of the Hardware vibration part which is used by haptic feedback technology and their display that is ordered from LG.


Approaching WWDC 2015  where Apple will meet the developers and introduce their best technology in iOS and Mac, they can open the chance of the fixes Watch OS through their Watch kit, so that the features will become more interesting. It likes a unique marketing series, which is only owned by Apple. After date 24 of April 2015 seems that Apple will announce officially the amount.

Source via 9to5mac