5 Best Essential Travel Apps For iPhone

Are you going to travel this weekend, or in the near future? You are expecting a perfect journey, whether it is a business travel or a vacation. So you have to arrange everything related to it because you don’t want some small things can ruin your traveling experience. You certainly don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you forgot business documents or your swimsuit.

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Another thing, when you are visiting certain destination for the first time, there is a chance you might get lost. Of course, you can always ask local people, but what if they don’t know how to help you out because you don’t speak the same language, or what if there is no one around?

I will recommend you 5 best essential travel apps for iPhone. All of them are great and super useful travel apps , and I can assure you that your traveling experience will be amazing!


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5 Best Essential Travel Apps For iPhone 

#1 Travel Butler–travel planner (free/in-app purchases)

5 best essential travel apps for iPhone

There are many travel planner apps on the App Store, but my choice goes to Travel Butler because it’s not just a tool that will help you to pack your suitcase. Travel Butler is a great free travel planner app. After you add your travel plan by typing the destination and the dates of your travel, it will give you the weather prediction during that period, and it will suggest you the clothes you should bring. Not only that, on their packing list screen you have a complete list menu, from clothing lists, travel documents, electronic stuff, and all the essentials you usually bring with you. Moreover, this app can give you such information about interesting places, activities, restaurants and sightseeing and it is powered by Foursquare.

#2 Trip Wolf (free/in-app purchases)

5 best essential travel apps for iPhone

With this app, you will have your own digital travel book. To get travel guide of certain destination you have to download it first on Trip Wolf app. For example, you want to get a travel guide of Paris, then after you open this app, find Paris and tap it and start the download. Actually, this app is free for limited content and features. If you upgrade to Premium Guide, you will get the full access to 556 travel tips and info, and if you upgrade to Trip Wolf Unlimited you will get unlimited access to all Trip Wolf guides.

#3 Google Maps (free)

5 best essential travel apps for iPhone

It’s a very useful app and best companion for your traveling experiences. As if you have a personal local “driver” who knows every place you want to visit. By typing your destination name, it could be a street name or location name, it will suggest you some routes from your current location. You will be lead by an arrow and it will tell you how many kilometers you have to go straight and how many kilometers left before you turn to the left for example.

#4 Speak & Translate(free)

5 best essential travel apps for iPhone

This app can help you to translate both, text and voice. It can help you to reduce communication issues between you and local people in foreign countries. This app has: 72 languages for text to text translations, 40 languages for text to speech translations and 32 languages for voice to voice translations.

#5 Google Word Lens (free)

5 best essential travel apps for iPhone

It’s a new way to translate. By using this app, you don’t have to waste so much time typing. Or if you are visiting China and find a sign in Chinese characters, then you want to translate it, the question is how? By typing it on your translator app? Well with Word Lens, you can just launch Google translate because Word Lens is a part of it. Tap the camera icon and direct your iPhone camera to the word you want to translate, tap scan and it will translate it for you to the language that you’ve chosen. So, to get this feature you can download Google Translate on App Store and Word Lens feature in part of that app.

Well, we hope these 5 best essential travel apps for iPhone that we’ve chosen will help you to get a perfect traveling experience.

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