Best iPhone Apps Every Woman Should Have

It seems that ladies these days have more needs than ever before. Let’s face it. Every woman wants to stay fit, healthy, good looking, and smart. Moreover, she needs to keep her family and social life on a good track. All the needs should be balanced. Thankfully, technology is here to help us out, and since we live in the smartphone era, we can always make our lives easier with a couple of interesting and extremely practical apps.

In this article, I’ll share with you some of the best apps every woman should have!

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Best iPhone apps every woman should have

#1 Period Diary (free)

best iPhone apps every woman should have

One of the most important apps is this one. You can keep an eye on the periods with ease. Ladies tend to forget the dates, and this handy app will remind you when your period should start, and so much more than that. Period Diary app will help you to record your period, period track, fertile and ovulation time. It also can give you prediction when your next period should come. Excellent!

#2 Daily Yoga (free/offer in-app purchases)

best iPhone apps every woman should have

To be healthy and happy, you need to exercise, and for many ladies, there is nothing better than yoga. Yoga seems to be a suitable exercise for women with their gentle poses yet strong. This app will be your personal yoga trainer, and it will help you to build up your stamina, and be healthier and happier. Some of their programs are free. It contains yoga training videos with a trainer and a soft yoga music.

#3 Pureple-Closet Organizer (Free/in-app purchases)

best iPhone apps every woman should have

Another iPhone app every woman should have is Pureple. How many times did you forget you have an amazing shirt? It’s somewhere in your closet, and you don’t wear it as often. Let Pureple help you out a bit. This closet organizer app is something every woman should have! You can take photos of all your clothes, shoes, accessories, and so on, so you can mix and match all the pieces, and always look amazing. You won’t forget about that great shirt, and when creating combinations for work, a night out, or the first date, do it with style, without the need of taking all your clothes out of the closet.

#4 Pocket Expense (free/in-app purchases)

best iPhone apps every woman should have

It’s pretty hard to constantly monitor the budget, isn’t it? This financial app will be such a refreshment for you, especially if you like to shop, as I am sure you do. You’ll easily manage your finances, so make sure to get this app! You can choose the currency from any country so this app is also good if you are going to travel to the countries with different currencies. Compatibility: iOS 7 or later and it’s optimized for iPhone 5, iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus.

#5 Allrecipes Dinner (free/in-app purchases)

best iPhone apps every woman should have


Oh, we all enjoy eating delicious meals, especially the homemade ones. How many times you didn’t have an idea what to prepare for lunch or dinner, especially if the guests are planning to visit you? Too many I’m sure. Get this app, with a bunch of phenomenal recipes that are a few clicks away. You can just open Allrecipes Dinner on your iPhone, choose one interesting recipe and start to cook. This app is compatible with iOS 7.0 or later.

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#6 @Mirror (free/in-app purchases)

best iPhone apps every woman should have

Mirror, mirror on the wall… Oh wait, no! Mirror, mirror on my phone… This sounds right! This is such a handy app. You are out with your friends, and you want to make sure that you look gorgeous. With this app, you can check your makeup, or put the contact lenses with ease. You will have a mirror with you wherever you go! What makes it different from the conventional mirror that this @mirror app has zoom. This app requires iOS 7.0 or later.

# 7 Clue ( Free)

This is another must have iPhone app that every woman should have on their iPhone. It helps you keep track of the cycle thus keeps you away from any kind of unpleasant surprises. Powered with a beautiful but simple interface, this clue app tracks fertility window, symptoms, cycle and lets you know if the period time has come. However, it is not going to scream saying ‘PERIOD’, so be sure that you are not going to face any embarrassing situation. The interface is easy to navigate, so the novice will not find it difficult to operate. This app is available for Android users as well.

#8 Companion (Free)

Designed by the students at the University of Michigan, Companion is the must have iPhone app for every woman to ensure 100% safety. While you travel alone or if you are walking home alone, the app requires you to enter the destination and then select the contacts to be your companions. Next, it will represent a live map for reaching the destination. Now if something wrong happens to you and you do not reach the destination on time, there will be a message on your phone asking if you are fine. If you do not respond to that message within 15 seconds, all your selected contacts will be alerted. Also, the app is packed with the feature to call the police. So, if your job requires you to walk home alone late night every day, this app is going to help you a lot.

#9 SitOrSquat (Free)

If you are an iPhone user, get this app on your device soon. This app is just ideal for the picky persons. From the toilet paper super brand Charmin, SitOrSquat helps the users search suitable restroom in an unfamiliar area. So, those who travel need to install this app . Also, not just it shows the nearby restroom rather it let you choose the best one as it contains users generated rating system to help users avoiding the unpleasant ones.  The best part is that the app is completely free, so just install the app and enjoy its service.

#10 Mint (Free)

Mint is perfect for the independent women who want to keep track of their spendings, looking at the complete financial picture. It’s a lifesaver! The app lets you portray a complete picture of the financial situation by pulling all the details such as investment, expenses, bank accounts and credit card bills in one interface. Thus, it crushes the numbers very often to alert you so that you never make a bad credit card score, make late payments or else fall into debt by any chance.