Why Apple Watch will be the most successful smartwatch

I am not an Apple user. In fact, the only devices from Apple that I had were a iPod Nano and an iPhone 4s that I lost (I do not know how). What I mean is that I didn’t got too close to this brand, but I followed his evolution with interest. And how everyone talks about the new Apple smart watch, I tried to analyze a few things that made the company from Cupertino so successful.

Only a few hours separate us from the launch of Apple Watch and studies already indicate that the manufacturer will control more than half the market and it will break all smart-watches tops in terms of sales. And you might ask the question “how?”

How does Apple succeeds to maintain the lead? Entering a fight when competition is already in the second generation of devices, and get most of the market?

Apple’s smart watch is the first from a new range of products coming out from the gate of the manufacturer, after the death of Steve Jobs. However, Jobs’ vision and strategy are still preserved and respected. Apple refused to draw a smart watch while the rest of the producers released one, but decided to enter the market when we can already speak about innovative smart watches. In addition, the company defies the trend created by Android’s SmartWatch with the round shape  and brings a smart watch with “corners” to the market. The intelligent clock will be called Apple Watch, and not iWatch, as everyone expected.

An article in The Independent writes that Apple Watch will be a device of “beauty first, tech second”, ie design and style first and then technology, and that it would be one of the reasons it gave away the famous “i “. However, for me it’s hard to believe this is the decision behind the change the name.

What makes Apple different? Wager on variety. If until now we had smartphones and tablets available in several colors, Apple Watch will be bought in 34 variants. A freedom that the company has not granted to its customers before and missing completely from others competitors strategy. A SmartWatch that users will to choose the body material (aluminum , gold or steel ) but will opt for a metal strap , rubber or leather as well.

“We bet on our vision and prefer to do this rather than to create products of “me too”. Let other companies do this. For us, it is always about the next dream ” – Steve Jobs to launch Macintosh , January 24, 1984.

Apple Watch, a device for the soul

Ever since I first heard of Apple and until now, every product the company created made ​​me think that every device that came out through the gates of the US producer goes directly to the user’s heart. Regardless of the gadget, Apple customers have always chosen with their heart and the Cupertino company wants to keep the same strategy with Apple Watch. Apple’s smart clock will set a function that allows the user to share heartbeat with another user. In other words you could feel someone else’s heartbeat vibrating wrist.

Apple has found the recipe for success and shamelessly uses: stirs emotions and creates phenomena. As a strategy of selling the smart watch the American company claims that most customers have already decided they want the SmartWatch.

Apple, a trendsetter who had always something to say

Apple creates another “cool” gadget and the world will like it, although his features are not very different from other SmartWatch devices that are already on the market. Apple Watch tends to become a “fashionable” gadget, beautifully wrapped and sold more expensive than other smart watches on the market. Although until April there’s plenty of time for negative ads, and campaigns against the Apple’s clock and I think Apple will be successful in the smartwatch domain and this is not because people will need a SmartWatch, but because it will be a trend.

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