Apple Watch Features Rumor on Spring Forward Event

Apple will broadcast Apple event Spring Forward live on Monday, March 9, 2015 at 10:00 AM Pasific time/ 1:00 PM Eastern time.

One of the products we all impatiently waiting for is the famous Apple Watch. This revolutionary device will certainly be one of the main topics of the upcoming event.

Apple Event Prediction, Apple Watch is about to come,

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Apple described Apple Watch as a very personal device. Apple Watch is available in 3 different variants: Apple Watch, Apple Watch Sport, and Apple Watch Edition. These 3 variants can be combined with different straps. This way, you can configure your watch the way you want, so you and your best friend can wear the same watch that will look completely different. See also–Hands-Free Selfie with iPhone, Is It Possible?

Started from US$ 349 for Apple Watch Sport, Apple tries to provide a competitive price at the start up. Apple Watch that is made from stainless steel will be priced around US$500. Apple Watch Edition, which is made from 18 carat gold is the most expensive Apple Watch, and it is for people who love luxury lifestyle, and who can afford such lifestyle. Apple will make price line for Apple Watch line up. Furthermore, Apple will also sell straps, and if the rumors are true, the process for all three variants will be announced at the event.


Apple Event Prediction, Apple Watch is about to come,

With the possibility of high market demand, it is possible that Apple will produce around 5 million units on the first quarters. Tim Cook has also said that Apple Watch will be available outside US on April 2015. Seems that the US will be the only country where Apple Watch is available for pre-order, and you who live outside the US will have to be patient. The features of Apple Watch have been disclosed by Apple on their official website.


Generally, the Apple Watch features are:

  • Notification from the Application which is contained on iPhone.
  • Mini application that can help you to access features quickly.
  • Glance which is presenting certain information that you choose before for quick access.
  • Variety Time Face
  • Light weight game (it’s still a rumor)
  • Apple Pay
  • Heart rate data information collector through the sensor inside and the ability to record data related to a distance and height from sensor on the iPhone.
  • Simple communication

Beside the features that are pretty much known, there might be some new features you will see on Apple Event.

Apple Watch new features in Apple event prediction:

  • Low mode or preserve mode, which allows Apple Watch turn into a mode with its ability to hold the battery life until you have a chance to recharge the battery. But this feature is not only automatically activate the battery in low conditions, but you can activate it anytime, even when Apple watch still has 100% of battery life.
  • Battery indicator. Apple Watch will use color codes to tell you the left battery capacity. Orange/amber color for 20% battery and red color for 10% battery on battery glance.
  • Voice control (not Siri) for some simple commands.
  • 8 GB Storage for Applications and music.
  • A companion application for the iPhone that will help you to do some settings for Apple Watch like layout setting on Apple Watch home screen and many more.

Things may disappoint you from Apple Watch:

  • Battery lifetime, which is rumored only has 5 hours of usage power for heavy use and stand by 12 hours and more that will force you to charge it every night.
  • The sensor is limited for heart rate sensor only, where the previous rumor said that Apple Watch will have advance sensor related to oxygen level in blood, blood glucose which can be connected with the stress level.
  • It’s not water resistant.
  • OLED Screen on Apple Watch is square and not a full display, not like in Moto 360 wearable which all screen is a full display. You will see a dark area that is not OLED display. It will reduce the beauty.