Apple Customer Satisfaction Programs You Should Know [Part 1]

Apple company has a commitment to provide ultimate satisfaction to its customers. They make products and offer services which refer to that commitment. They have gorgeous products such as Macbook, iPhone, iPad and so on, and people all around the globe buying the devices and enjoy using them. Their service and guide system is popular in their official store, called genius at genius bar. Apple also launched some extension programs for repairing, related to broken parts in their product caused by fabrication fault. Because the issue is Apple’s fabrication fault, the programs are free of charge.

We’re going to talk about these programs. We can call them Apple replacement programs.

The replacement program is an additional service you can use, even if your product is not covered by the warranty any longer. Keep in mind the program many different issues, but not all.

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Here are Apple Customer Satisfaction Programs

1. iPod nano 1st Generation

Apple Free of Charge Programs You Should Know

Apple launched this program for those who own iPod nano 1st generation and battery issues on the device. Such issues cause more problems, such as overheating.

Requirement: the iPod nano has never been serviced in unauthorized Service Provider.

2. iMac 27 inch mid 2011 

Apple Free of Charge Programs You Should Know

This program was launched for iMac 27 inch mid 2011 related to GPU card AMD Radeon 6970M issue that can causes iMac display turn into blank white screen mode, when it’s loading boot to system or appear a symptom like freezing blank white or distorted video.

Requirement: iMac needs to be checked first, which can only be done at the Apple Authorized Service Provider to make sure that your iMac really has that anomaly on its GPU card.

3. iPhone 5W European Adapter 

Apple Free of Charge Programs You Should Know

Apple will exchange iPhone 5W European adapter that was sold with an iPhone during the period October 2009 to September 2012 because this adapter has overheating issues while it’s used.

Requirement: Adapter iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S that’s shipped during the period October 2009 until September 2012. The adapter feature model is A1300 with “CE” in gray colors.


4. iPhone 5 Battery Replacement

Apple Free of Charge Programs You Should Know

If you own iPhone 5 and face bad battery lifetime issue, perhaps your iPhone has bad quality battery. Apple realized that some iPhone 5 has a defective battery. The problem is on devices sold between September 2012 and January 2013. Apple will exchange your iPhone 5 battery for free if your iPhone 5 serial number is eligible.

Requirement: check first your serial number of your iPhone to this site for eligibility of replacement