WhatsApp Introduces "Channels" Feature for Following Brands and Communities

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WhatsApp continues its streak of introducing new features, with the latest addition being "WhatsApp Channels," reminiscent of Telegram's Groups. This feature allows users to follow people, brands, and communities in a simple and private manner, keeping their updates separate from personal messages and group chats.

WhatsApp Channels functions as a one-way broadcast tool, enabling users to receive updates from their chosen channels without the ability to post updates themselves. The updates will be visible in a dedicated "Updates" tab, ensuring they remain distinct from interactions with family and friends. To facilitate easy discovery, WhatsApp is developing a searchable directory that will include a range of profiles, such as businesses, local officials, sports teams, and personal hobbies.

Maintaining privacy, the email addresses and phone numbers of both channel admins and followers will remain undisclosed. Channel history will be stored on WhatsApp's servers for up to 30 days, and there is an option for updates to automatically disappear after a specified period. Furthermore, admins have the ability to block screenshots and restrict forwards within their channels. While channel updates are not currently end-to-end encrypted, WhatsApp is actively working on implementing this security feature. Admins can also choose whether their channel should be searchable or not.

Initially rolling out in Colombia and Singapore, WhatsApp Channels provides a platform for businesses to create and support their presence. In the future, this feature will be expanded to allow anyone to create a WhatsApp Channel. Channels support WhatsApp Pay, providing a seamless transaction experience, and can be promoted within the directory to enhance visibility.

With the introduction of WhatsApp Channels, the messaging platform is fostering connections between users, brands, and communities while maintaining the security and privacy measures that are central to its ethos. As this feature continues to evolve and expand, users can expect further enhancements that empower seamless communication and engagement within their preferred communities.

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