What will ‘The Sims 5’ Feature and When do we Expect it to be Released?

What will ‘The Sims 5’ Feature and When do we Expect it to be Released?

We don’t have a confirmation yet on the existence of ‘the Sims 5’ as EA (Electronic Arts) and Maxis have yet to make an announcement. However, there are many speculations made by fans according to which the next Sims title installment will be announced in 2019 and the release will happen sometime in 2020. Another fan-made scenario would be the introduction of an open-world gameplay.

Just speculations for now

As we already said, we don’t have an official statement to confirm all this and so far, all we know about ‘The Sims 5’ is based purely on speculations. However, we have to take into account the latest game from the franchise. Apparently, the latest main series title is performing extremely well on the market and it receives constant support from EA and Maxis through game packs and DLCs releases.

The developers have already released five expansion games since 2014. A successful game almost always guarantees a sequel sometime in the future.

When should we expect it?

We decided that we have to wait for EA and Maxis to properly announce it but when would that be? This is the next mystery that curious fans look to solve. Recent speculations state that EA and Maxis might make an official announcement sometime in 2019, although we should prepare ourselves because the release might occur in 2020.

Apparently, this speculation is based on the release pattern that EA and Maxis followed for the previous franchise titles. First, it was ‘The Sims’ in 2000, then, four years later came ‘The Sims 2’. In 2009, fans received ‘The Sims 3’, while the fourth game was released in 2014. We observe a five-year gap pattern which might make the 2019 release date more than just a supposition.

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