Bogdana Zujic

Bogdana is the senior technology editor at Technobezz, a role she's held since 2013. She is a respected tech expert, blending her strong background in consumer electronics with impressive qualifications, including a law degree. She's earned her reputation in the tech world by breaking down complex concepts and keeping abreast of the latest technological innovations. Her insights and guidance are invaluable for anyone navigating the dynamic world of digital technology, especially in consumer electronics.


Bogdana's journey into tech was enriched by her experience as a journalist, where she honed her investigative and communicative skills. Her legal education further adds to her analytical approach to technology.


Outside of her professional life, Bogdana enjoys exploring culinary delights, staying on top of fashion trends, and keeping up with the latest in tech news. These personal interests not only provide relaxation but also keep her connected to the practical applications of technology in everyday life.