What To Do If The Opera Hangs


If you often work with the Opera browser, then explaining its advantages is not necessary. However, there are some disruptions in the work of this remarkable Internet browser. For example, some users complain that Opera hangs.  It should be mentioned that Opera takes a serious amount of RAM so the problem with the performance may occur, especially in the case when multiple tabs are opened, all at the same time. You can get rid of the problem, just keep on reading and see what to do if Opera browser hangs.

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What To Do If Opera Browser Hangs

Opera browser can start to slow down due to overheating of the laptop or computer. This usually happens in the case when there are any problems with the cooler.

The reason why you are experiencing problems with the Opera browser may be associated with the cache memory. In this case, you need to clean the temporary files. You should also remove the cookies. To do that, go to “Menu” at the top-left corner, and click on “Settings” < “Privacy & security” and click on “Clear browsing data”. When the window opens, mark “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” and confirm the action by pressing “Clear browsing data”.

So, if the Opera browser is not working properly, try to fix the problem by deleting all the files that program stored. To do this, you need to enable the access to hidden files and folders. This is done as follows:

Click on “Start” < “File Explorer”. Then click on “View” tab and find “Options”. Click on another “View” tab and choose “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” and confirm the action with “Apply”.

All this needs to be done in order to find the system directory, where Opera stores some data. The next thing to do this:  on the C drive find the user’s home folder, go to AppData\Local. You will find the Opera folder there. Delete it.

If the issue with the Opera browser is still there, the next step is to remove Opera browser completely. This can be done through the “Control Panel”. Click and hold on “Start” with the right mouse button and click “Programs and Features”, find Opera and with the right mouse button click “Uninstall”.



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  1. None of this worked for me on W7. Opera ran great the first few years, but the last year or so, it would lock up and keep running when I closed it. Then I couldn’t reopen it. It didn’t even show up in Task Manager as running. Only by running CCleaner clean function that promoted to close all open browsers to finish would it work again. I am on my laptop all day around 10 to 12 hours continuously and Opera would crash a couple times every hour.

    Found the fix after a year of this problem. I got rid of the Opera 64 bit by download Opera 32 bit. It prompted me to remove the currently installed Opera and I did, then it downloaded Opera 32 bit. Next I downloaded Java 32 bit (2020 version) to support the new Opera 32 bit. In addition, I also downloaded Java 64 (2020 version) just to have it on hand.

    It’s been a few days now and Opera has not hung up or kept running when I shut it down. Works great as it did before. I see no difference in any online performance Runs smooth and quickly.

    The fix is to get rid of Opera 64 bit and run Opera 32 bit.

  2. Bella soluzione! Se si blocca lo disinstalli! E se il computer rallenta lo butti nel cassonetto? Se l’auto si guasta ne compri una nuova?
    … ma fatemi il piacere!!!

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