How To Turn Off Video Autoplay on Twitter

Same as millions of people from all around the globe, you probably have a profile on several social networks, including Twitter. All the popular social networking websites are constantly improving, by adding more content and options users can set according to their needs. Not so long ago, Twitter introduced Video autoplay option, which is enabled by default. When you see a gif or video when on Twitter it will start to play automatically. While this is a pretty cool option, not everyone is crazy about it, and if you don’t like it you can disable it. It is a pretty simple thing to do, and here, we are going to show you how to turn off Video autoplay on Twitter.

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How to turn off Video autoplay on Twitter


To disable Video autoplay on Twitter using your computer, follow the steps below:

  • Open your web browser and log in to your Twitter account
  • Click on your photo in the top-right corner
  • The menu will appear, click on Settings
  • When the Settings window shows up, scroll down and you will see “Video autoplay” option (located under Content)
  • Uncheck it


If you prefer using the Twitter app, here is how you can disable this option on iOS and Android devices.


To disable video autoplay on your iOS device, do the following:

  • Open Twitter app on your iPhone or iPad
  • Tap on the gear icon in the upper-right corner and click Settings
  • Find Video autoplay and tap on it
  • See the options there and tap on “Never play videos automatically”


To disable video autoplay on your Android device, do the following:

  • Open Twitter app on your Android smartphone or tablet
  • Tap on three dots in the upper-right corner and click Settings
  • Tap on Data (located under General)
  • Now click on Video autoplay and when a window pops up, tap “Do not automatically play videos in timelines”.


Video autoplay is now disabled. If you change your mind in the feature and want to enable this option again, follow the above-mentioned steps and turn this option back on.



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