This App Is Optimized For 3D Touch: Weighing Plums On The iPhone 6s

The iPhone 6s  technology that makes the other smartphone vendors get jealous is the 3D touch technology. This technology can recognize the pressure level on the display, which is used by many iOS applications to peek and pop content or link. The developers can use it to make the new interaction from an app to be more effective and fun. For example, the latest Instagram application has adopted this 3D Touch technology to peek and pop the image. We are also waiting for the other game titles to use this technology to make a different interaction and new game category.

This week, I saw an interesting video about the new application that utilize 3D Touch technology, called Plum-O-Meter, developed by Simon Gladman. This application can be used to compare the weight of two plums. This is what Simon said about his app.

“Here at FlexMonkey Towers, the ever beautiful Mrs FlexMonkey, and I love to spend our Sunday mornings luxuriating in bed drinking Mimosas, listening to The Archers omnibus and eating some lovely plums. Being a generous sort of chap, whenever I pull a pair of plums from the freshly delivered Fortnum & Mason’s hamper, I always try to ensure she has the larger of the two. However, this isn’t always easy, especially after the third of fourth breakfast cocktail.

3D Touch to the rescue! My latest app, the Plum-O-Meter, has been specifically designed to solve this problem. Simply place two delicious plums on the iPhone’s screen and the heavier of the two is highlighted in yellow so you can hand it to your beloved without fear of being thought of as a greedy-guts.”

This is only an example of the use of 3D Touch technology besides the peek and pop feature. I am sure there will be more interesting application that will use this technology. Here’s the video.

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