Watch The New iPhone 6s Demo On The Table, This is great!

Apple wants to show their 3D Touch technology on the new iPhone 6s demo on the table to the visitor on Apple Store. They make a table with giant LCD display and put some iPhone 6s on it. The table will react every time we tap the iPhone 6s gently. This giant LCD display table, renders a calm water with a fish image on the iPhone. If we tap the iPhone, the fish will move out and the LCD table creates the ripple effect as if it’s a real pond. It’s interesting! There’re 8 iPhones can be played by the visitors. Unfortunately, there’re only 2 tables in this world at this moment: at Apple Store in San Francisco and New York. We don’t know yet, whether Apple will bring this table to all Apple Stores or not?

However, the thing attracts my attention is, if Apple can really make a big LCD display with 3D Touch technology inside, does it mean a clue about the future of iMac? You can imagine, the iMac with retina display, 3D Touch technology, and the mechanism as they have asked to US patents. Is it possible?



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