Problems On Samsung Galaxy S5 And Their Fixes

The huge number of features and functions of Samsung Galaxy S5 attracts most of the smart phone lovers to this handset. So the number of users of this phone has been increasing day by day. With this being said, the problems faced by the Galaxy S5 owners are also huge. Here I will discuss about some of the problems on Samsung Galaxy S5 and their fixes.


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Problems On Samsung Galaxy S5

Problems On Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 vibration is very weak

Some users have reported that the vibration on their Galaxy S5 is very weak, and sometimes it does not work. Though it’s little difficult to determine whether it’s a hardware problem or not, here are some steps you can try to solve the weak vibration issue on your handset.

Potential solutions

1. Restart your phone by pressing the Power button for 2 seconds. Tap ‘Restart’ to check if it’s a temporary problem.

2. If you still see the problem is there after restarting your phone, then follow the below step.

3. Tap Apps > Settings > Sound> Vibration Intensity. Now adjust the vibration intensity for notifications, incoming call and Haptic feedback.


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Galaxy S5 delayed in receiving text messages

This is one of the most common problems on Samsung Galaxy S5. A lot of users have complained that they received text messages 20-30 minutes and sometimes in one-hour delay.


This problem may occur because your Galaxy S5 cannot receive signals from the base station temporarily. So check the reception of a text message after turning off the power of your phone and then separating and reinstalling the SIM card.

The delay in text receiving may occur because of the bad signal reception signal status of the base station of your mobile carrier. Send an enquiry to your carrier and check the base station status.


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