List Of Must Play Games For Your Galaxy S6

Packed with advanced technical supports and excellent features, the Galaxy S6 is one of the most acceptable smartphones in today’s market. The sharp screen, fast camera with excellent low light, smaller battery everything is perfect. Another excellent thing about this phone is its support for tons of interesting games. The large display and octa-core Exynos processor make this phone perfect for gaming. But with a huge list of games available in the Google Play store many of you may find it little tough to choose which games to download and which are not. Well, for you we have short-listed some of the best must play games for your Galaxy S6. Following is the list.

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Must Play Games For Your Galaxy S6

Full with action, Repunlique is such a game that once you start playing, you will keep playing it hour after hour. The large screen of Galaxy S6 does the justice to this gorgeous game. The huge hit of this mobile game made it ported to PC. In the game players have to control a woman who is trapped inside a strange totalitarian state and she will have to hack her way through an impressive surveillance network. It offers many challenging puzzles to the players and is available for $4.99 at the Google Play Store.

Modern combat 5

Must Play Games For Your Galaxy S6

Available for free, Modern combat 5 is the perfect game to test how your Galaxy S6 can handle first-person shooter game. The realistic lighting effect, wonderful environment, customizable characters and fluid controls everything makes Modern Combat 5 one of the must play games for Galaxy S6. You will get different play style such as: Heavy, Assault, Sniper, Recon or Support, so you can play the style that suits you.

Game of Thrones

Must Play Games For Your Galaxy S6

Telltales’s Game of Thrones offers everything that one can expect from the game such as dragons, drama and death. To get the game on your phone you need to pay $4.99 but it’s worthwhile. Game lovers who are looking for an excellent adventure game that can be played on the large screen of Galaxy S6, must go for this one.

It requires 1 GB memory and dual core 1.2 GHz CPU to download this game.

WWE Immortals

Must play games for your Galaxy S6

WWE Immortals turns your favorite WWE superstars into superheroes and they fight with each other. The list of must play games for your Galaxy S6 remains incomplete without this addictive fighting game. The quad HD display of Galaxy S6 makes the game more real and fun. You can experience the game as fantastical versions of WWE superstars including Triple H, The Undertaker, John Cena and many more. It’s available for free in the Google Play Store.

Goat Simulator

Must play games for your Galaxy S6

To test the Galaxy S6’s graphics, without doubt Goat Simulator is one of the best games. As the name suggests, you play as a goat in the game and try to destroy things as many as you can. The excellent physics engine and rich graphics of Goat Simulator make the game perfect technical showpiece for your new Galaxy S6. Players will get points for destroying things. Available for the price of $4.99, this is a great game for kids also.

Star Wars: night of the old republic

Must play games for your Galaxy S6

This is the game for the serious gamers. The price may little high, $9.99 but Star Wars: night of the old Republic is well worth. You have to choose your own path in the battle as down the light or the dark side of the force. The battle starts between Jedi Knights and ruthless Shit when you are the only hope for Jedi Order. Will you fall to the dark side? Or will try to save the Republic? You have to determine the destiny.

Asphalt 8 Airborne

Must play games for your Galaxy s6

Asphalt 8 Airborne is no doubt one of the must play games for your Galaxy S6. This high speed racing game will raise you BP. The damage effects, realistic weather all together it’s the best game in its class. The good news is the game is available for free. So anytime you can download and start playing.

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