How To Fix Skype No Sound Problem

If you are using Skype and are unable to hear the voice from other side or the person talking to you is not able to hear you, then try out the below suggestions to fix Skype no sound problem.

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Ways to fix sound problem on Skype

How To Fix Skype No Sound Problem

> First check the microphone and speaker if they are properly plugged in or they are active. Also, check that they are not set as muted. If required then test the microphone by using with other device and be sure that they are not defective.

> If you have not updated the Skype then download and install the latest version as the newer version can eliminate any issues of the older version including no sound problem.

> Also update the audio/microphone/webcam drivers if possible. You can use the Update Device Drivers function of your machine’s operating system. It can be done by going to the manufacturer’s site as well. Check in the sites for any new versions of the Drivers for your system.

> Download and install other remaining parts of your operating system to get rid of the no sound problem.

> Go to the Tools > option > General >Audio settings in the Skype page.

> Now if the person on the other side cannot hear you then select the preferred Microphone device under Microphone. There will be few options available. Try to observe if the volume meter respond as you make a sound. If needed then uncheck the ‘Automatically adjust Microphone settings’ and manually set up the volume to 80-90%.

> If you are not able to hear then select the preferred device you want to use under Speaker. To check, click the check speaker option (the green color icon) and see if the volume meter will respond. Here also you can set the volume manually to 80-90% by un-checking the ‘Automatically adjust Speakers settings’.

> You can change the preference of the available microphone and speaker by clicking the button ‘Show Advanced option’. You can select external mic first and then internal microphone so that Skype will look for the external microphone first and will use the internal if the external mic is not plugged in.

> Call echo123 to test the sound of mic and speaker. If both are working then you can hear the automated voice and your recording voice.