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How To Fix Skype Audio On Android

How To Fix Skype Audio On Android
How To Fix Skype Audio On Android

Android market is full of numerous apps and Skype application for android platform is also available in the android market. You can download and install the app from there to run the Skype application on your android phone. Also this app is available from the site through the Android web browser. Once you download and install this app, an account should be created to start with. This app is entirely free. So if you are using an android phone and use the Skype app very often then you might experience various errors related to Skype. Error regarding Skype audio on android is one of them. The errors are like bad quality audio or no sound at all etc. Here are some ways that can help you to fix Skype audio problem on android.

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Steps to fix Skype audio issue on android

Fix Skype Audio On Android_1

> If you are in a call and facing the audio issue then exit from the call screen and disable the proximity sensor. Try to make the call again.

> Poor Wi-Fi signal can lead to Skype audio problem on android. Use 3G connection instead of Wi-Fi to avoid poor net connection.

> If you are not using any speaker and facing this problem then it could be solved using a headphone also.

> Update your android phone to android 2.3 or newer version as older version’s error is sometimes fixed by the updated version.

> The Skype app should be the updated version. You can check it by going to the Google Play Store and checking updates in your android phone.

> Also make sure that the audio problem on android phone is related to the Skype tool only by playing the recording or playing the audio from another app.

Trying all the options one by one can solve the audio issue that you are facing in your android phone.



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