How To Fix Galaxy S4 Problems If Nothing Works

Galaxy S4, the fourth generation of Samsung Galaxy S is not new in the market, Samsung already launched Galaxy S5 and Galaxy S6 is going to be released soon, but a lot of people still use Galaxy S4 because of its attractive features such as improved camera, faster processor, upgraded display and interesting software.

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However, facing problems with your smartphone is very common and Galaxy S4 is no exception of it. If you face problems like random reboots, app problems, camera problems, performance issue, Bluetooth issue or any other problem, and have tried many ways to solve them but nothing worked, then you need to perform a factory reset. This process solves many problems. But this process takes some time to complete and also wipes all your phone’s data. So first backup the important files and then proceed. To do this:

> First navigate to Settings on your Galaxy S4

> Touch User & Backup

> Select Backup and Reset

> Now Factory Reset needs to be selected

> From there touch Reset device

> Select Delete all.

If for any reason the above steps do not work, then there is another way to do factory reset using hardware keys. Here I will mention the steps but this is little difficult compare to the above process.

How To Fix Galaxy S4 Problems If Nothing Works_1

> Turn off your Samsung Galaxy S4.

> After the phone is off, press the Home button, Volume up button and Power button together and hold them until the Android logo comes on the screen.

> Release the buttons when the Android logo appears on screen and use the Volume Down key to choose Factory reset/ Wipe data option. Select it using Power button.

> Highlight Yes-delete all user data using the Volume Down key and use Power button to select it.

> You will understand that you are going on right track when you see Reboot system now option. Select it using Power button.

> It will delete everything from your Galaxy S4 and will bring your phone back in the state as it was when you purchased it.