How to solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Lag issue

There is no such a thing as a perfect smartphone, and no matter how great Samsung Galaxy S4, it’s not flawless. Some Galaxy S4 users are facing some problems with the phone. One of the most common problems is Samsung Galaxy S4 Lag issue. The smartphone lags often without any apparent cause.

Solutions to solve Samsung Galaxy S4 Lag issue

Method 1

To get rid of Samsung Galaxy S4 Lag issue, go to Settings on your smartphone, then tap on More > Application Manager > All > Tap Apps and find the bloatware apps. Tap on such apps (for instance, AT&T Navigator), and tap Disable. Make sure not to disable some of the apps important for the performance of the system. Those apps usually have Android logo.


Method 2

Another way to solve the issue require you to go to Settings > My Device > Lock screen, then click on Unlock effect and change it to none.


Method 3

If you find that the Home button lags, then double press on the Home Button, and you will see that S Voice is launched on screen. Now click on the Menu key and choose Settings there and then uncheck Open via the home key.


Method 4

If you haven’t restarted your device for a while, now would be a good time to do so, because once you reboot your device, apps and processes that are running in the background will be closed, and that way, you will free up the memory. This simple step will improve the performance of your device, which is why you should reboot your smartphone every once in a while.


Method 5

Another thing that can help you solve the problem is to wipe cache partition. Your data won’t be lost. Here is how you can do that:

  • Turn off your Samsung S4
  • Press and hold the Power button, Volume Up key and Home button all at the same time
  • Once the phone vibrates, release the Power button, but keep holding the other two buttons
  • When you see Android system recovery screen, let go the other buttons
  • Use Volume down key to navigate and highlight the option “Wipe cache partition” and select the option with the Power key
  • After the cache is wiped, your device will restart


Method 6

Sometimes, a third-party app can cause the problem. You need to boot your device into Safe mode, and if there is no lag, then an app is responsible for the problem. In that case, you should uninstall third-party apps one by one until the issue is solved, or if you have too many apps installed on your device and find this process time-consuming, you can perform a factory data reset. Here is how to boot your device into Safe mode:

  • Turn your phone off
  • Press and hold the Power button
  • Once you see Samsung Galaxy S4, let go of the Power button and immediately press and hold Volume Up
  • Keep holding the Volume Up until the device restarts
  • You will see the Safe mode in the bottom left corner
  • When you want to exit the Safe mode, press and hold the Power key and then tap Restart


Other problems that Samsung Galaxy S4 owners are facing are Galaxy S4 insufficient storage and battery drain issue.

The storage problem occurs because of the operating system in the phone and the preloaded apps that have taken the storage of the phone.


Steps to solve Galaxy S4 insufficient storage problem

  • As we mentioned below, you should disable bloatware apps. Unfortunately, bloatware can’t be deleted, just disabled. There are usually tons of such applications, and you will hardly use any of them. Also, delete the apps you are no longer using. Go to Settings > Application Manager > Downloaded > tap on the app you wish to remove, and then tap Uninstall.

Other than the above two problems, the common problem that most of the Galaxy S4 owners have complained is battery drain issue. The problem is occurring mainly because of a large display and other smart features.

1. The solution for the problem is to disable the apps that you do not use. Disable the Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, GPS, mobile data, etc. when you are not using them.

2. Reduce the screen timeout duration and low the screen brightness.

3. Turn on the Power-saving mode.