How to connect iPhone to a car

How to connect iPhone to a car

These days it is natural for your devices to have the ability to pair to each other. This is the ability to transfer your data from one to another, to have it reproduced and have the ability to control some devices remotely by others that are paired.

So, many people ask how to connect iPhone to a car? They usually want to pair their iPhone to listen to music while driving. In this article, we are about to explain how you can connect your iPhone with your car.

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Pairing devices to your car

There are several ways to connect your iPhone to a car. So, you can just establish the connection using Bluetooth, or using the CarPlay system. The most simple and traditional way is to connect them by using the USB connection. The process of connecting your phone to a car can be different because not all cars are the same. But these days technology has reached a higher level, and almost every car as the ability to connect to the iPhone and use it to listen to the music, podcasts, or to get the navigation information.

How to connect iPhone to a car

Connect via Bluetooth

To connect your iPhone to a car here is what you need to do. First, make sure to turn the Bluetooth on your iPhone. Then start the engine of your car but stay parked because most of the cars will not allow you to change the settings while driving.

Now, you should look for the Bluetooth options in your car. If you have trouble finding it, you should check the user guide for the car you own. Most of the cars have it placed in its setup menu.

Go to the Settings menu on your iPhone and get to the Bluetooth heading. Find the section Other devices and click an entry, and find your car on the list. It may require a password and confirmation on the car’s screen.

You should be having your iPhone connected to your car now. When you get to the car and both devices have the Bluetooth turned on, the speakers should emit the sound coming out of the iPhone.

Connect using CarPlay

CarPlay is a sort of app that was made by Apple. They made it especially for users to connect the iPhone to the car easier. To connect in this way is super easy, all you need to do is connect the iPhone to a car by USB cable.

Start CarPlay manually, or the car can start it by itself, depending on the type of car you own. So, that is all of the procedure. Now when you have all the fancy interface on the screen of your car, choose the option you want and enjoy.

Connect by USB

The old fashion way to connect your iPhone to a car is by USB cable. You don’t have to have CarPlay to connect your iPhone and car. Connecting by USB cable on the car works like on any other device. Set the cable to the car’s USB port and the iPhone’s lightning port. The car’s system will switch to the USB input itself, but if it doesn’t, you can always do it manually. Now, you are all set. Play your favorite music and enjoy driving.

Stable connection

If you don’t hear the sound on the car’s speakers, or experience connection collapse, make sure that you have established connection well. Also, if you have hardware connected to your iPhone, make sure to remove it. removing it can make the sound have better quality. If it still doesn’t work well, check if everything is in good shape, then reset all the settings and start again. It should be working fine after doing so.


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