How To Change Country/Region Setting On Windows Phones

Same as the users of Apple devices have their own store in which they can find interesting apps called the App Store, Android users have the Play Store, and those who use Windows phones have a place to browse and download the apps, called Store. The great thing about these stores is the fact that you can easily go through the available apps, and every single day you can find something new. Even though Windows phone app store has tons of amazing apps, some applications are available only in a specific region. There is a way to overcome that obstacle. There is an option that allows the users to change country/region setting on Windows phones, and once you choose the region in which a specific app can be downloaded, you will be able to install it as well.

Also, some users of Nokia Lumia 920 reported the problem saying they cannot download or update the apps, and many of them fixed the problem by changing the country/region setting to United States on their device. So, knowing how you can do this can come as handy if you own Lumia 920 and cannot download or update the apps. Let’s see how it’s done.

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How to change country/region setting on Windows phones


Here is what you need to do:

  • Tap on Settings
  • Scroll down and click on “language+region”


  • Tap on Country/Region
  • Now choose the region you want, for instance, United States (the best option when it comes to applications)

Once you select a new region, you will have to restart your Windows phone so the change you just made can take place. You will see the option “restart phone” at the bottom of the “language+region” screen. Tap on that option and your device will restart. When the phone is back on, the country/region setting will be changed and you will be able to download all kinds of apps from the Store.


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