How To Fix Cannot Download Or Update Apps On Nokia Lumia 920

The reason why we have so much fun using our smartphones is because there are so many awesome apps we can download, from the apps designed for productivity to those designed purely for fun. There are great music players, camera apps, thousands of games, news, and sports apps, and so on. Can you imagine using your Nokia Lumia 920 without your favorite apps? Probably not. The problem some owners complain about is that they cannot download or update apps on Nokia Lumia 920. So, you cannot download any new apps, and you can’t even update the ones you have installed, which can be a huge problem. Updates are really important if you want to see all your applications to run smoothly. Let’s see how you can fix this problem.

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Ways to fix cannot download or update apps on Nokia Lumia 920

Before you move on any further and before you try a few solutions listed below, we suggest you to wait for half an hour, or a bit more, because in many cases, the reason why you cannot download or update apps on Nokia Lumia 920 is a problem with Microsoft servers. These kinds of problems are resolved pretty fast, so we suggest you to wait just a bit, because after a while when they fix the servers, the problem will disappear. However, if you are experiencing the problem for a few hours, a day, or more, try the solutions listed beneath.


Solution No.1: Check date & time

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that your Nokia Lumia 920 is set to the correct date and time. To do that, go to Settings and tap “date+time”. Next, turn off the option “Set automatically”, and then manually set date, zone, and time.


Solution No.2: Perform a soft reset

A soft reset performed a few users to get rid of the problem, so you may want to try this out. All you need to do is to press and hold the Power button and the Volume down button at the same time for about 10 seconds. Your Nokia will vibrate and it will reboot.


Solution No.3: Download settings

There are some apps that require Wi-Fi connection in order to be downloaded, which means these apps cannot be updated or downloaded via cellular data unless you adjust that option. If you have been trying to update or download a few applications over cellular data without any success, change the download settings. Go to the Store and tap on three dots. Now choose Settings and adjust them as you want.


Solution No.4: Change the region of your phone

If you live outside the US and experiencing the problem with apps that cannot be downloaded or updated, you may try to change the region to USA.

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on “language+region”
  • Under Country/Region choose United States
  • When you do this, tap on restart phone that will appear at the bottom of the screen
  • The restart is required for the change to take place.


Solution No.5: Update your Microsoft account info

If you cannot update or download some apps on your Lumia 920, the reason for that is often related to the e-mail attached to your Nokia and not the phone itself because to download some apps you have to be more than 21 years old, and perhaps the settings in the account are not properly adjusted. So, go to your e-mail account > account settings > date of birth.


Solution No. 6: Update the software

To check if the new software version is available, go to Settings > Phone Update and then tap on Check for Updates. If there is an update available install it, but before you do that, make sure to back up the files on your Lumia 920.

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Solution No.7: Perform a factory reset

If you tried all the solutions we have listed, but you still cannot download or update apps on Nokia Lumia 920, you may want to perform a factory reset.

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