How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Water Damage Issue

Galaxy S5 came into the market a long time ago but people are adopting this smartphone continuously because of its fantastic features and water resistance ability. But many users have got a wrong conception about this phone. They are thinking that Samsung Galaxy S5 is waterproof instead of water resistant. However, there is a difference between waterproof and water resistant. We have seen many reports from users regarding Samsung Galaxy S5 water damage issue.

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Galaxy S5 is IP67 certified, which means that the phone can survive in water up to one-meter depth for the maximum of 30 minutes. The Galaxy S5 is not designed to deal with high-pressure water that comes from the water tap.

So do not put your Galaxy S5 in water intentionally. The water-resistant feature is added as a safeguard against a sudden downpour or dreaded toilet drop.

Solution for Samsung Galaxy S5 water damage issue


Solution 1: Isopropyl Liquid to Solve Most of the Water Damaged S5 Problems

If you accidently dropped your Samsung Galaxy S5 in water, then act quickly and remove it from the water as soon as you can. Do not wait for anything else. While this is plain and simple, it is the first step to solving the problem of a water damaged phone. This step is especially important if you drop it in salt water.

If you love your phone and want it to work fine, then avoid the urge of pressing any buttons. It may cause the water to leak in deeper. Do not switch on the phone or use the touchscreen or press any of the buttons on the phone.

An easy solution to help to revive a phone that has been exposed to moisture, water or any form of a liquid, is the use of 99% isopropyl alcohol. It is very effective and it can fix a host of problems related to a phone that was dunked in water. Everything from the touch screen not working to the charging port not doing its job properly can be fixed with the help of isopropyl alcohol. But I am talking about the damage that has been caused because of water in the phone and not because your phone is physically damaged.

If that is the case, then isopropyl alcohol will not work. However, once you have tried using alcohol to fix the problem and your phone still does not work, then chances are that your phone’s hardware has been damaged and certain parts of your phone may need to be replaced.

When using Isopropyl alcohol, you will have to submerge your phone in it for at least a couple of hours and then dry it in a bowl of rice till it is completely dry before switching on your phone.

Solution 2: Phone responds only when plugged in a charger

If you have completely dried your phone in the bowl of uncooked rice and it still does not work then plug it into a charger to check if it is charging. If your phone recognizes the charger and the charging light comes on, then you may be able to give life back to your phone by replacing the phone battery. If you do not own a replacement battery or if you do not want to spend on one not knowing the outcome, then you can take the phone to a local repair shop where a professional can use a replacement battery to check if it is the battery that may be causing the problem. If you have a friend or a family member who uses an S5 then you can borrow their battery to check if your phone works or not. If it does then all you need to do is get a new battery for your phone. But if a replacement battery does not change anything on the phone then you must consider taking it to a professional.


Solution 3: Samsung Galaxy S5 Does Not Respond At All

If your phone is not responding at all then try to change the battery and check if it works on a new battery. If it does then you must buy a new battery for your phone.

Solution 4: Samsung Galaxy S5 Powers on but does not charge

If your phone switches on but you are not able to charge it then the first thing you must do is create a backup of all the files on the phone. Once you have created a backup of all the data, try to use a different charger to charge the phone. If it still does not work, try to check if it connects to your computer and if it can be recognized by the computer. If it still does not work then check if an external charger can help you charge the battery of your phone. If you do not find any solution, then you may consider the possibility of changing your phone.


Solution 5: S5 heats up while charging

If you have problems with your Samsung Galaxy S5 heating up when it is on charging then there isn’t a lot of troubleshooting that can help your phone. You must consider replacement options if this is the case because repairing the phone may involve a lot of hassle and there is a possibility that you will not be able to figure out where the problem is.


Solution 6: Galaxy S5 overheats

If your phone begins to overheat after it was dropped in water, then this means that there is a hardware malfunction and this can be difficult to repair on your own. You can consider a professional to help you sort the problem. The problem can be difficult to locate and this is why it cannot be solved easily. The best option is to check if you can replace the phone.


Solution 7: Discoloration of the screen

If the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S5 looks discoloured then the water has damaged the screen and it cannot be repaired. This means that your phone has to be replaced.

Solution 8: Black Screen or lines on the screen

Your phone’s flex cable is responsible for a proper display on your phone. If the display goes wrong, then you must check the flex cable of your phone. For those who know how to solve it, you must take your phone apart and look for abnormalities in the cable. I would suggest that you have a professional look into the issue if you are not as tech savvy. Because if you tinker with the cables of the phone, there is a possibility that you may cause more problems if other parts are hurt in the process.

These Samsung Galaxy S5 problems related to an exposure to moisture and water are the most common ones. Most of the times, it is difficult to repair the phone yourself if it does not work after drying up. You may have to consider replacement options a lot of times if the phone is damaged by water or moisture. If you would want to replace the phone then check for the LDI (Liquid Damage Indicator) which will tell you if the phone’s warranty has been voided or not. Try these steps yourself if the warranty is voided, but if the phone is still under warranty then it is best to take it to a Samsung store for professional help.

To check the LDI you must remove the back cover and the battery of your phone. Now check the images and look for the LDI label. A white LDI label means that there is no liquid damage but a pink or a red LDI means that there is liquid damage which voids the warranty of your phone. If the phone’s warranty has been voided then you can try the above steps to help you solve the problem yourself.

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  1. My cous drop his Samsung Galaxy S5 in water and it must had being for a min before he removed it.
    He didnt know much wht to do and he informed me quite later about what happened, ie after a 1 week
    He told me that after taking out of water this what he did;
    , he took the battery out and let the phone dry under fan for few hours both the batter and the phone, and he then put the battery back in and turn it on. IT did worked but touch screen was the issue.
    He then took to the local shop and they did cleaned the phone and the touch screen started to work again, but not all of the touch button worked.
    So can u suggest me what should i do as now im asked him to send it to me first.
    And he lived in different city, should i try local shops here too or any other suggestion

  2. Somehow water got into the charging port of my S5 and I charged my it, it damage my battery and the charging port. I was thinking repairing the charging port and replacing the battery……….do you think it will work??

  3. My Samsung galaxy s5 fell in water but was still working. I took it out and used it but had no problems but, when the phone battery went low, I plugged the charger in but it could not charge so i blowed it but still its non coming.
    what do i do?

    1. I dropped my phone in the toilet as well the other day, it dried out just fine but then wouldn’t charge. Now it’s completely dead and won’t charge or light up. Had to go buy new phone..however all I’m just concerned about losing all my pics and contacts. I ordered a new battery to see if that does the trick. ANY luck with this?

  4. My phone is not working its like its still on with buttons and stuff I know I wasnt supposed to turn it on but when this threw on a pond for 10 min co6pd it still work also can I make them pay for a replacement wven if they denied it

  5. Unimpressed with my Galaxy S5…

    I bought thus phone specifically because of its waterproof abilities…

    I accidentally dropped it in less than 2 feet of water for 2 minutes…

    It turned itself off and doesn’t work anymore…

    All the ports were shut but water still got in…

    I used to own a Galaxy X Cover smartphone and it really was waterproof so I expected the same from the Galaxy S5 which was advertised as being waterproof…

    From what I’ve heard from fellow S5 users it seems Samsung just wants to wash it’s hands clean of all the issues users have been experiencing with this so called waterproof phone…

    “Waterproof until submerged in water”

    I have been a Galaxy user forever… I recently bought my Mum an S5 and was even thinking of buying my Dad one… Samsung now have two options: Fix/Replace my phone, or lose a customer for life…

  6. 2016 S5 dropped accidentally into 20 feet of sea water. Survived two tidal movements before i recovered off the beach. 4 months later still working. Had it checked out and the moisture indicating spot under the battery showed no moisture present in the unit . Was unaware of its moisture resistance spec until then !

  7. so my S5 got water inside it, did the necessary steps like – put in the uncooked rice to remove moisture, remove battery and dried it up totally.. when i booted up again after a day of drying, it WORKED! However after 4 days, it just rebooted and then the endless boot loop..i went to samsung and they advise to replace the entire thing (PBA and the “sub” – i dont know what it is though) because according to their “diagnostics” it needed to be replaced, and deym it costs a lot.. im trying now to resolved the bootloop, i did the factory reset and everything but to no success.. now, my final and last attempt is to use ODIN and hopefully replace the firmware.. wish me luck!

    PS – i still dont believe in the “diagnostics” or the findings that samsung told me… because if it was, the phone wouldnt work for the past 4 days (prior to getting wet), oh hell it shouldnt worked at all. but bootloop seems to be a good sign 🙂

  8. My Phone fell in the water I tried the methods above but its still not working. Can you please make a video of how to do it.

  9. So I put my S5 in a cup of water to show off how water proof it is. Terrible idea….The phone was fine for a bit then 5 min later is started going nuts I shut the phone off turned it back on, worst. So I took the phone battery sim card and memory stick out and put the phone in a bag of rice. 9 hrs later I pulled the phone out used a hair dryer on low for about 10 min while holding the cool down button on the dryer, I placed the blow dryer flush against the phone for 2 min. I inserted the battery, powered the phone on and it works again. At the start up the screen started flickering but once start up was complete the phone looks normal I can swipe, make calls, go online, etc. I took the battery out and placed the phone back into the rice. So far so good. Try doing that if you do the same stupid shit I did.

  10. I just dropped mine in the toilet!!! Took case off and back dried it worked for a little bit as I got a phone call on it then noticed the battery was going put it on the charger and it wouldn’t take a charge. (its currently in a bag of rice) it turns on no problem but then turns off. when I try and charge it I just get battery with lightening icon. I don’t know if I should take it apart again and put everything in the bag separately or just be patient….which I am having a hard time doing.

  11. I dropped my phone in a hot tub, pulled it out and immediately the screen shut off. I pulled the back off and the battery out along with both cards and dried everything off turned it back on and the screen was flickering with funny colors. I used a hair dryer on it with no battery no back and no cards in it till it was too hot to touch then I put it in rice for one hour uncooked of course turned it back on and the flickering and colors were all gone. There was a little bit of condensation in the cameras but over the period of 24 hours of use with the screen brightness turned up all the way and it plugged in all of that dissipated. Hopefully this helps someone

  12. accidentally dropped my phone in the pool, picked it out in even less than 10 sec, dried it off and placed ina bowl of fresh rice for 48hrs,now it powers on but the screen still flickers
    and the colour on the screen is like rainbow…really dont knw what to

    1. Same thing happened to me, i took off the back and all cards and battery. Used a hair dryer on it till it was too hot to touch then dropped it in some cold uncooked rice and 4 hours later it is perfect and the screen is back.

    1. Don’t turn it on again, the repair guy I talked to said it will destroy the phone you need a new screen and digitizer probably.

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