How To Fix Performance Issues On Samsung Galaxy S5

Performance issue like the phone is freezing very often, performing slow, error messages occurring, restarting or turning off very often are really very annoying. But there is nothing to worry if you face Performance Issues On Samsung Galaxy S5 as reading this post you can learn troubleshoot steps.

Possible Steps To Fix Performance Issues On Samsung Galaxy S5

Performance Issues On Samsung Galaxy S5

Performance Issues On Samsung Galaxy S5

Step 1: Remove the SD card from your phone and re-insert it. To do that, pull down the Notification bar from the Home screen, then go to Settings> System> Storage> Unmount SD card> Ok. Now power off your phone, remove the battery and the SD card slot from the phone. Re-insert the battery again after waiting for few minutes. Turn on your phone and check if the performance improves. Power your phone off again, insert the SD card and then turn it on. Now see if the Performance Issues On Samsung Galaxy S5 persists. If yes, then follow the next steps.

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Step 2: Check out the phone memory because the Performance Issues On Samsung Galaxy S5 may occur because of low memory. To do that, touch Apps from the Home screen, then tap My account> My device> Dashboard> Storage and then check the Overview section in order to see if the phone has low memory. If yes, then follow below steps.

Step 3: You need to clear app cache which will free some space and increases the phone’s performance.

To clear app cache, pull down the Notification bar> Settings> Applications> Application manager> All tab. Now scroll the screen and touch the app that your want to clear cache on, then touch Clear Cache.

Also you need to uninstall or Force close the apps those are running in the background. The more apps running in the background, the more they affect the phone’s performance. With all these, make sure that your phone has the latest version of software.

After following all these methods, if still Performance Issues On Samsung Galaxy S5 does not resolve, then contact with your phone carrier and escalate the issue.

Solution 2

On Technobezz there is never one way to a solution. In this solution, we get really in-depth with all the possible faults and problems that may led to Samsung galaxy S5 being performed poorly.

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