How To Fix iPhone SE Not Syncing iMessage

iMessage is a service and also a chat or messaging application for iOS devices and Mac. One of its interesting features is the ability to sync between devices, including the iPhone SE. If you are having a conversation with someone on your iPhone, you can continue it on your iPad or Mac. However, the syncing process doesn’t always go as smooth. One thing you should know is that you can enjoy this feature if all of the devices are connected to the same Apple ID. What to do if the iPhone SE not syncing iMessage? Try the solutions below.

iPhone SE not syncing iMessage

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Solutions To Fix iPhone SE Not Syncing iMessage

Solution No 1: Check the message setting on the iPhone

The first thing to do is to check the message settings on your iPhone SE and make sure your Apple ID has been signed-in on Send & Receive.

  • Go to Settings >> Messages >> Send & Receive
  • Tap your Apple ID for iMessage
  • Enter your Apple ID and password
  • Wait until the validating process is done and an email that is associated with your Apple ID appears.

iPhone SE not syncing iMessage

Solution No 2: Check setting in the other iOS devices

You can perform the same steps as the solution no 1 on your iPad or the other iOS devices. Make sure you have signed-in with the same Apple ID on Send & Receive section.


Solution No 3: Check setting on Mac

You can also ensure that the Messages app on your Mac has been activated using the same Apple ID. Follow these steps:

  • Open Messages app >> Preferences >> Account
  • If you have activated it before, you only need to check whether it uses the same Apple ID as the other iOS devices. Don’t forget to make sure that the Enable this account is checked.

How To Fix iPhone SE Not Syncing iMessage

  • If the Messages app has not been activated, you can just sign in using the same Apple ID

How To Fix iPhone SE Not Syncing iMessage


Solution No 4: Sign out and Sign in

Are you still facing iPhone SE not syncing iMessage issue after performing above-mentioned solutions? Try to sign out from the app and then sign back in.

  • For iPhone and other iOS devices: Settings >> Message >> Send & Receive. Here, just tap Apple ID and Sign Out. After that, Sign In to the iMessages again.
  • For Mac: Messages app >> Preferences >> Account. Click Sign Out and then try to Sign In.

How To Fix iPhone SE Not Syncing iMessage

Solution No 5: Edit Apple ID

Try to check if the verification phone number that you use for Apple ID is correct.

  • Go to and log in using your Apple ID
  • On the Account setting, click Edit, make sure you have a proper email address that is set under “Reachable At”. If not, just enter it and tap Done.

How To Fix iPhone SE Not Syncing iMessage

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