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How To Fix An iPhone That Won’t Connect To Wi-Fi

How To Fix An iPhone That Won't Connect To Wi-Fi 1

If you are experiencing Wi-Fi problems on your iPhone, you are not the only one. Many iPhone owners complained and still complaining their “iPhone and iPad won’t connect to wifi”, such as not being able to connect to any network or to a specific network.

Some users successfully connect, but the connection keeps dropping. Also, the connection can be pretty slow at times. Here, we are going to list the solutions for all iPhone Wi-Fi issues, including Wi-Fi grayed out, and no connection after iOS update.

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People complained about an unstable Wi-Fi connection or the fact they were not able to connect to Wi-Fi network at all. If you experienced one of those issues, before you replace your router or take your device to the Apple store as the ultimate solution, there are several things you may want to try out first.

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Solutions for iPhone /iPad Wi-Fi issues

What causes Wi-Fi problems on iPhone or iPad?


There are many different things that can cause Wi-Fi connection problems. There are some simple ones, such as enabled Airplane mode, or the fact your iPhone /iPad is too far from the router. The signal can be poor at times, which is why your connection can be slow. A software bug can also be one of the reasons, as well as the issues with network devices (modem and router), or the iPhone’s antenna.

How To Fix An iPhone That Won't Connect To Wi-Fi 2


Turn Wi-Fi off and back on

If your iPhone won’t connect to a Wi-Fi network or if it does connect but the connection drops, start with some simple things. If you haven’t tried it already – turn Wi-Fi off and back on. You can swipe from the bottom edge of the screen and open the control center. Tap on the Wi-Fi icon to turn it off. Wait for a couple of seconds and tap the icon again to turn the Wi-Fi back on.

How To Fix An iPhone That Won't Connect To Wi-Fi 3

Another way to turn Wi-Fi off/on is through iPhone settings. Go to Settings > Wi-Fi, and toggle the switch next to Wi-Fi.

How To Fix An iPhone That Won't Connect To Wi-Fi 4


Turn the Bluetooth off

Bluetooth can be of the reasons why your iPhone won’t stay connected to a wifi network or won’t connect at all because the Bluetooth can cause interference with Wi-Fi connections. That is why you should turn it off to see if that will make any difference. You can either swipe up from the bottom edge of the screen and tap on the Bluetooth icon, or you can go to Settings > General, and turn it off.

How To Fix An iPhone That Won't Connect To Wi-Fi 5


Toggle Airplane mode

When we discussed some of the reasons why your iPhone or iPad won’t connect to Wi-Fi, we mentioned the Airplane mode. If it is turned on, that’s why the device won’t connect to the network. As soon as you turn it off, the problem will be solved.

Toggling the Airplane mode can be pretty effective and it can help you fix the problem. Go to Settings and turn the Airplane mode on. Wait for 30 seconds and turn it back off. Try to connect to a Wi-Fi network again.

How To Fix An iPhone That Won't Connect To Wi-Fi 6


Toggle Wi-Fi Assist

If you  have installed iOS 9 or later, then you are probably familiar with Wi-Fi assist. Thanks to this feature, you can always have a stable internet connection. If your Wi-Fi connection is poor and slow, Wi-Fi Assist will automatically switch to cellular. Toggling Wi-Fi Assist solved iPhone Wi-Fi issues for many, which is why you should give it a try. To do that, navigate to Settings > Cellular, scroll down, turn the feature on and turn it back off.

Toggle Wi-


Restart your iPhone or iPad

A restart can be a very effective solution if your iPhone/iPad cannot connect to a wifi network or if you established the connection but it is slow or keeps dropping.

  • Press and hold the sleep/wake button
  • Drag “Slide to power off” to turn your iPhone off
  • Once your device is off, press and hold the sleep/wake button to turn it back on.


Restart your modem and your router

If your iPhone or iPad can’t connect to wifi at home, but successfully connects to other networks, it is advisable to restart your modem and router. Unplug them, wait for about 30 seconds and then plug them back in. Wait for a minute or two and try to connect to Wi-Fi again.

We saw many comments saying “My iPhone is not connecting to wifi at home, and it connects everywhere else”. If you have the same problem, just reboot your network devices and hopefully, everything will work like a charm.


Turn off Location Services for Wi-Fi networking

Many users said that turning off location services for Wi-Fi networking solved the problem. Here is what you need to do:

  • Navigate to Settings and tap Privacy
  • Next, tap Location Services
  • Tap System Services
  • Turn off Wi-Fi networking

How To Fix An iPhone That Won't Connect To Wi-Fi 7

Forget the Wi-Fi network

Still experiencing issues? Then the next step is to forget the Wi-Fi network and connect again. Follow the steps below:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap Wi-Fi
  • Next, tap on the info button (i), located next to the network you want to forget
  • Tap Forget this network
  • Tap Forget to confirm your action.

How To Fix An iPhone That Won't Connect To Wi-Fi 8

Once you forget the network, go back to Wi-Fi, choose a network, and enter the password.

There have been tons of complaints from iPhone owners who said that the iPhone won’t connect to some wifi networks or iPhone 6 cannot connect to home wifi, and this is how many of the users solved the problem.

Update router firmware

If your iPhone won’t connect to Wi-Fi home network, maybe updating the router firmware will fix the problem. The first thing you need to do is find the model and version number of your router. You can find this info on the box of the device or in the manual. Also, the model and version number are usually located on the router itself, on its backside or underside. Go to the manufacturer’s official website, and look for the Download section. Find your router, and download and install the firmware. If you are not sure how to do this, you will find the guide on the manufacturer’s website.

source: d-link

Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 9.23.32 PM Screen Shot 2016-07-18 at 9.21.40 PM

Change DNS settings

You can fix the problem by changing your DNS settings. You can use either Google DNS ( or, or both but make sure to separate them by comma) or Open DNS ( or Here is how to do that:

  • Go to Settings and tap Wi-Fi
  • Find your network and tap on the info button (i) right next to the network
  • You will see DNS, tap on the numbers
  • The keyboard will appear and once it does enter the new DNS address.

How To Fix An iPhone That Won't Connect To Wi-Fi 9

Reset network settings

If you tried the above-mentioned solutions but your iPhone or iPad won’t stay connected to the wifi network or won’t connect at all, going for this option can do the trick. This will reset all your network connection options – Wi-Fi and cellular settings saved networks and passwords, and also the VPN and APN settings.

  • Navigate to Settings
  • Tap General
  • Next, tap Reset
  • Tap Reset network settings
  • Enter your passcode if asked
  • Tap Reset network settings to confirm your action.

How To Fix An iPhone That Won't Connect To Wi-Fi 10

Update the software

A software bug can cause all kinds of issues, including different Wi-Fi problems. That is why you need to make sure that you have installed the latest one. If you didn’t, do it now. You can update the software wirelessly, but this can be tricky if your connection is slow or keeps dropping. If your iPhone cannot connect to the wifi network at all, this option is out of the question, in which case you can update the software using iTunes (next solution, explained below). If you can connect to a specific wi-fi network, for instance, at the office or in a coffee shop, and if the connection is good, do the following:

  • Go to Settings
  • Tap General
  • Tap Software Update
  • Tap Download and Install.

If you previously downloaded the latest version of iOS and didn’t install it, go to Settings > General > Sofware Update and tap Install Now.

How To Fix An iPhone That Won't Connect To Wi-Fi 11

Update the software using iTunes

If you can’t update the software wirelessly, you can do it using iTunes. First, make sure that you have the latest version of iTunes installed. Follow these steps:

  • Connect your iPhone to your computer
  • Launch iTunes
  • Select your iPhone
  • Next, click Summary
  • Click Check for Update
  • If there is a new version of iOS available, click Download and Install or click Update.

Update iOS iTunes

Restore your iPhone to factory settings using iTunes

Most users were able to fix Wi-Fi issues with one of the solutions listed above. But, if you tried them all and still have problems when trying to connect to a Wi-Fi network, maybe it is time for a fresh start. You can restore your iPhone to factory settings using iTunes. Everything you have stored on your device (apps, files, and settings you have adjusted according to your needs) will be erased. Don’t forget to backup your data!

To restore your iPhone to factory settings:

  • Install the latest version of iTunes software
  • Open iTunes
  • Connect your iPhone to your computer
  • Select your iPhone
  • In the Summary panel, look for the option “Restore iPhone” and click on it
  • Click Restore to confirm your action
  • Once you do this, iTunes will erase your iPhone and it will install the latest version of the iOS software
  • When this is completed, your iPhone will restart
  • Follow the on-screen steps to set up your iPhone as new.

Restore iPhone using iTunes

Renew Lease

With this option, you will get a new IP address from your router and hopefully, you will be able to connect to a Wi-Fi network and the connection won’t drop anymore. To do this go to Settings > Wi-Fi, find your Wi-Fi network, and then tap on (i) right next to the network. Tap Renew Lease.

Frequently Asked Questions


iPhone WiFi won’t turn on grayed out

Some users reported the problem saying “iPhone wifi won’t turn on grayed out“. There are a couple of things you can do if Wi-Fi is grayed out:

As Ifixit reported 

It has to do something with thermal shock.

Advanced Solutions/ Temporary :

“Placing the phone in the refrigerator for 15 minutes, or under a lamp for 30 minutes”

“Gentle heat your iPhone using a hairdryer, over the speaker/front camera, please to make sure you don’t damage the screen or battery, place it 7-10 inches from the phone. After you see a Temperature warning, immediately place your iPhone into the freezer for 10-20 mins.”


Simple solution:

  • Toggle Airplane mode on/off.
  • Restart your iPhone. Press and hold the sleep/wake button, drag the slider, and turn your phone off. Press and hold the sleep/wake button to turn your phone back on.
  • Reset network settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset network settings.
  • Update the iOS software.
  • Reset all settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset and tap Reset all settings.
  • Restore your iPhone to factory settings using iTunes.


iPhone won’t connect to WiFi incorrect password

If your iPhone can’t connect to wifi network saying incorrect password, here are the solutions:

  • If you are connecting to a Wi-Fi network for the first time, make sure you have entered the password correctly.
  • Toggle Airplane mode on/off.
  • Restart your iPhone. Press and hold the sleep/wake button and then slide to power off. Once your device is off, press and hold the sleep/wake button to turn it back on.
  • Restart your router.
  • Reset network settings. To do that, go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings. Tap Reset network settings.
  • Update iOS.
  • Change the Wi-Fi password.
  • Restore your iPhone to factory settings using iTunes.


iPhone wifi problems after update iOS

We always say that is very important to install the latest version of iOS because it brings bug fixes, increases the security of your device and it often introduces some new features. However, some issues including the ones with Wi-Fi can occur right after the update. Sometimes, all you need to do is wait a bit and let your device settle after the update, or try the following solutions:

  • Toggle Wi-Fi.
  • Toggle Airplane mode on/off.
  • Turn off the Bluetooth.
  • Forget the network and join again.
  • Restart your iPhone and your router.
  • Reset network settings. Navigate to Settings > General > Reset > Reset network settings. Tap Reset network settings.
  • Reset all settings. Go to Settings > General > Reset > Reset all settings.
  • Restore your iPhone to factory settings using iTunes.

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These problems/solutions are found and effective on iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone SE, iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and iPhone X.

We have listed the solutions for different iPhone Wi-Fi issues, but your device won’t connect to a Wi-Fi network, the connection is slow or keeps dropping, contact Apple or visit a Genius Bar in one of the Apple Stores nearby.

  1. Nothing worked. I tried updating my phone, toggled airplane mode, and wifi, renewed lease, reset network settings, and shut phone down. Nothing helped. I have to stay right next to the modem to get a better connection. Im sick of not being able to stay in my room. I dont know what to do.

    1. After 10 1/2 hours with Apple tech support over 2 days, I went through app by app and when I turned off the VPN and deleted the VPN app, I was able to connect.

  2. I tried everything suggested, and nothing worked.
    Then I go a strange idea. I turned off my VPN (
    It then worked. Strange, it worked yesterday with the
    VPN, but not today.

  3. My iPhone 7 Plus running iOS 13.1.2 had the “no WiFi” issue tonight.
    I rebooted the phone, Forgot the Network and reconnected.
    When that didn’t work I toggle On/Off Airplane Mode and voila! wireless connectivity was completed.

    Check it out.

  4. Not sure if anyone is still replying to this thread’s comments but I have an issue where everything and everybody’s device can connect to my home’s wifi but my iphone x. It’ll say it’s connected and I’ll see the wifi logo appear then immediately disappear back to the LTE. It also does this everywhere, not just at home. I can’t connect at work, or even with public wifis. I’ve tried just about everything from updating, to restarting, to toggling things on and off, and still nothing works. I’m lucky that I have unlimited data but things run very slow still and I’m almost tempted to buy a new phone. Please help!

  5. Hey. I got a very complicated situation as below
    My phone is unable to connect to my house wifi, but my phone is able to connect to other wifi.
    I can connect to my house wifi by laptop. I had tried all the solutions. Still can’t works.

  6. I bought an iphone 6s plus, I encountered hardship in connecting wifi, sometimes I connect sometimes not even I set it to auto join, I tried your suggestions and already update my ios but the problem still exists. When I tried to connect manually it always appear incorrect password, sometimes it connect but frequently not

  7. Thank you so much for this. 2 days ago, my iPhone X just stopped connecting to my WiFi. None of the steps were working until I got to the Reset Network Settings. That finally did the trick!

  8. I tried everything short of factory resetting my iPhone, but what finally worked for me was going into VPN settings, choosing the vpn you have then turning off “Connect on Demand”. My WiFi connected again almost immediately after.

  9. Having WiFi connection problems on iPhone 8+. Have tried all fix measures including Renew Lease. Nothing happens at all when I click on Renew Lease. What should happen?

  10. My iPhone WiFi Boton is not working at least its un able to touch.
    I did all the necessary procedures tell I restored my phone but it’s still not working.

  11. I got 7 plus, it takes 2 minutes to connect. First time that happened I reset the network settings and it fixed.after a month it same problem happened again, so I tried resetting the network settings but this time problem did not fix.

  12. My husband was very unlucky with his Iphone 6. I helped him out with all the replacements, etc. and this is what happened with his phone:
    I had to update through Itunes to 11.4 (cable wasn’t allowing for update (would give error 4013) so had to change cable and it allowed for update). After changing 4 iphones 6 and hours with Apple Care customer service (no kidding more than 7-8 hours in total) and wasted time going to Apple store to change phones, with no solution & with recurrent problem on all the iphone 6 replacements. We just got his 4th replacement this morning and still didn’t connect to home wifi. Actually, could not even see the available networks at home when setting it up as a new phone. After 1h40 with Senior advisor, said advisor told me to bring it in again (to get a 5th replacement). All software was the latest (11.4) had to restore & update via ITunes because the brand new replacement phone actually froze & could not connect to wifi to do the update.
    After the update and restore finished, I set it up as a new phone, but it still it would not see any networks. Nada!!! So, I then decided to load onto the iphone the previous back-up we had on my computer through Itunes (NOT ICLOUD) to at least see if my husband could have a functioning phone until next replacement even if wifi would not work (replacement was scheduled for two days later & he needed some type of communication with the external world), since the cell was anyway useless and non-functioning.
    After the phone finished the back-up, had to switch it off and on again. When prompted, I REFUSED TO GET INTO HIS ICLOUD (i.e. refused to put in the ICloud password on the iphone, I just hit cancel) and didn’t give Apple ID password either (”cancelled” these steps).
    Then a miracle happened… I went to Settings & Wifi and surprise: all available networks were there!!! I connected to home wifi no problem whatsoever. I switched OFF ICloud back-up from my husband’s Settings, and now wifi if full & strong.
    I have an Iphone 6 Plus and never had any problems with my phone, only my husband had problems with his… then I realized that since I hate ICloud with a passion, I had never entered my password on the phone for ICloud and had the back-up switched off on my settings… so I may be onto something here??
    Let me know if it works.

  13. Hey man can you help me out?
    I tried everything Wi-Fi sharing, QR code ,etc.
    It won’t connect to my home Wi-Fi. I tried so many things.please help me out.

  14. Have any of you considered apple may just have made thier software to do this on purpose so you think you are on your wifi when you are really useing your data and end up going over your data plan thus netting apple a bunch of instant cash from its intentionally bugged software to generate income for stock holders or new projects just saying because you talk to apple and the always blame the router which is bull i ii cant

  15. Have any of you considered apple may just have made thier software to do this on purpose so you think you are on your wifi when you are really useing your data and end up going over your data plan thus netting apple a bunch of instant cash from its intentionally bugged software to generate income for stock holders or new projects just saying because you talk to apple and the always blame the router which is bull

  16. iPhone 6 with iOS 11, but the same issue was present with iOS 10.3.3.
    Unlock iPhone with fingerprint, the network icon is there, then disappear for 3-4-5 seconds and then appears back.
    I have to switch 3G off, otherwise I will run out of my plan by the end of the month.
    But once switched off, all apps will complain if no wifi is present when I unlock iPhone.
    Tried all the above solutions, except reset.
    Is reset really my last choice ?


    1. If you tried all the others, then I guess the answer is yes. But, if you don’t feel comfortable resetting your phone, contact the Apple Store first.

    2. I had this same problem today with my iPhone 6 hooking up with airport wi-fi. I Tried most everything listed above. But it none of them worked. A co-worker who is a tech guru suggested that I clean out the cache on safari. To clear it out. Go into settings, scroll down and select safari, scroll down and select Clear history and website data, confirm clear history and data. This worked instantly for me. Hope it works for you!

    1. Well, we have shared all the solutions out there. Have you tried them all? If you did, and still nothing, you should take your device to the Apple Store.

  17. change the password on the router, just add a 1 at the end, save it, then log back into router and remove the 1 then save and the iphon/ipads will connect.

  18. My device is iphone 6 with ios 10.2 it is not detecting any wifi as my android phone and laptop. I have done reset all and reset network but still it dose not work

  19. Im having the same problem as a couple of the comments. It just wont find any wifi even though in same room as boyfriend who has it and my ipad etc. Worked fine up until month or so ago. Also my GPS doesnt work on maps etc – looks like its having a meltdown and doesnt put me in the right place. So annoying as im going over my data every month as it’s always using 3g/4g rather than wifi. Have tried some methods above but to no avail 🙁 not due an upgrade for 6 months!!

  20. My problem with my iphone is not finding any wifi connection while a friend of mine with the same phone and next to me can see a list of wifi connections and also my laptop.. anyone experienced this problem?

  21. WI-Fi problem will get solved for a limited time (minutes) once the phone gets heated up, and will be back when it cools to normal room temperature. Tried Reset setting, then updated IOS 9.3.2 to 10.1.1, but the issue still persist.

    At Room temperature – No Wi-Fi.
    At Temperature A- Wifi icon active.
    At Temperature B- phone hangs.
    At Temperature C- Wifi Works.
    Slow Cooling at Temperature B- phone hangs
    Slow Cooling at temperature A- Wifi icon become inactive
    At Normal Room Temperature- No Wi-fi.

    Wi-fi problem should be a Hardware issue. Nothing to do with software upgrade.

  22. WI-Fi problem is a HARDWARE ERROR. You cannot do anything on it. Upgrading makes more worse.
    It begins when your phone gets heated. If you blow hot air on your iphone rear side just below the camera, it will reconnect the wire/register in wi-fi chip and your wi-fi issue will be rectified temporarily.

    1. Not true.

      After changing router all 5 of our Apple devices stopped connecting to the home wifi simultaneously. Not fixed it yet…

  23. Try to connect but there is no IP Address, DNS , Router number in the wifi setting that I am trying to connect to. What can be done?

  24. Running 9.3.4. Rebooted my router, then “forgot” the network. Re-joined the network (entered password) and now my home wifi network is working on my iPhone.

  25. None of the above worked for me. The only thing that did was unplugging the modem/router to reset it and then I was able to connect immediately

  26. at times it would connect only for a few minutes then its gone, this is really irritating me

    1. Try this: go to Settings > Wi-Fi, find your network, tap on (i) next to the network, and then tap Renew lease.

  27. hi ;-( i have a iphone6 with the 9.3.1 software. my problem is that i can connect to wifi, it shows full bars but it just does not connect to the internet. i have tried switching the wifi on and off, i tried resetting my settings, i tried resetting my network connections, i tried turning the airplane mode on and off. i tried the above mentioned option and guess what? nothing is happening. for once i thought the problem was with the wifi router but this could not be hence my samsung phone and laptop are both connected to that wifi router and its working with no defects.

  28. Oh yeah…I’ve chatted with “Dylan” on Apple Support. I was told it was a software issue…I’m pretty sure that’s going to cost a pretty penny.

  29. Hi guys/gals. I’ve been researching this issue ever since iOS 9.2.1 was downloaded. I currently cannot 1) keep a wifi connection 2) locate my wifi in my home from my phone or 3) locate ANY wifi hotspots in my neighborhood. While using my iPad or wife’s iPhone I can see at least 5 wifi connections to choose from. I literally sit in the same room as my router and I barely have 2 bars of wifi. I’ve tried restoring to factory, resetting the network settings, cold-starting it, turned off Wifi networking. I’ve basically done everything in this article and still nothing. Anyone got any suggestions?

    1. Did you try to set up your connection as new? There is also an old trick to toggle Airplane mode ON/OFF. You can also restart your router and update the firmware of your router (but not sure will this help since everything works fine on other devices). In the past, when users experienced the Wi-Fi issue after iOS update, some solved the problem by turning off Bluetooth (if the switch is set to ON). Let me know if any of these worked!

      1. 🙁
        Nothing works. I haven’t gotten a chance to call Netgear yet. I called my ISP and they said they don’t send out the firmware where Netgear Support says they do. So I’m just going to call Netgear this weekend and see what I can do. I just purchased the router in December. I think it’s a problem with the software inside the phone. At least that’s what the guy from Apple told me it could be…

          1. In many cases it’s the software issue, so I guess new version of IOS will fix the problem, but still, Apple hasn’t confirmed the release date. It could be an antenna problem, but as you said $299, hmmm

          2. Well I’m not a fan of the $299 so what I’m gonna do is call Apple today and demand a phone replacement since their software messed my phone up.

          3. 19 Feb…got a new phone! LOL Everything’s fine. Apple guy told me it was possibly the hardware on the 9.2.1 for my phone. Not having any issues now. 🙂

    2. My iphone 6 is doing the exact same thing. Exactly as you described. Stand 2 feet from router and i barely have a bar of connection. Walk away and can’t even find a connection. Only started happening after the iOS 9.2.1 update. WTH APPLE!!! I have tried every recommendation, it has to be this shit software update.

      1. DUDE!!!!! Call Apple! Tell them all of your symptoms. Make sure you tell them you’ve tried to restart your WiFi as well as factory reset your phone, etc. I got myself a brand new phone. Apple Support guy said it was possibly (which it really was) the 9.2.1 software update. Good luck. I paid $32 for expedited shipping to get my phone the next day. I shipped it off Wednesday and they released the $725 hold (yes, they take that much and hold it from you until they get your old phone back). I have a 64GB iPhone 6. But as soon as they got it was as fast as they released my money back to my account.

      1. Hi my husband phone is iphone 6, I’ve been trying all the steps but still not working. It can detect the wifi but cannot connect. Unable to connect everytime i put the password. Pls help! Thank you

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