How to fix Google play store on galaxy S3

Google play store is the factory of various apps from where you can download and install any app in your phone. But sometimes Google play store app stops working giving a message that “Unfortunately Google play store stopped working” and you won’t be able to do a single thing from there. But don’t be tensed if you have a Galaxy S3, and you face the error as several methods can fix Google play store on Galaxy S3.

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How to fix Google play store on galaxy S3

How to fix Google play store on galaxy S3

Ways to fix Google play store on Galaxy S3

Check if the download app is made disabled

Google play store does not allow downloading anything if the download app is made disabled. So first check it and make it enable by going to Settings > Application manager >All and then scroll down till bottom to find out the Download app and check, whether it is made disabled. If yes, then tap on the row and click the enable button. Now try to use Google play store.

Clear cache and Data

Clearing the cache and data from Google play store is an easy solution to most of the errors of the play store. For that go to Settings > Application manager > All > Google play store and click on that. Now press the clear cache and clear data buttons and then Force stop button. This might fix Google play store on Galaxy S3. Now try to download or update any app from the play store to check.

Reset App preference

This is a very useful method that can solve the error in just few seconds. Follow the path to go ahead with this process.

Settings > Application manager > Swipe to downloaded screen > Click the menu key > Select Reset App preference > Restart phone and when it is on you will be asked that if you want to use your Google account. Press agrees button and try using the Play store again.

The other method is rebooting your phone and Factory reset is the last method that you should try if all the procedures fail.


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