How to fix Google play store error 911

Google play store error 911 is one of the errors of the play store that the users face while trying to update any app. This is a very simple error that can be fixed in various ways. Bunches of fixing methods are there, and you can try them one by one to fix Google play store error 911 in your android device.

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How to fix Google play store error 911

How to fix Google play store error 911

Methods to fix Google play store error 911

First method: Clear cache and clear data

Clearing cache and data is the first try to solve any kind of error that is related to Google play store. Follow the path for that.

Settings > Application manager > All > Google play store > click Force stop button and then select clear data and clear cache one by one.

Now try to update the apps and if not successful, then head towards other methods.


Second method:

This error might be related to the Wi-fi network also if you are using that. A web page login is required in Wi-fi and the problem occurs when the authentication is expired. So you need to re login into APN through any browser and try to update the app now.


Third Method: Switch into other network

Switching into another network from Wi-fi network can help you to fix Google play store error 911 sometimes. So try for this also and check if the problem is solved.


Fourth method: Use mobile data connection

If you have tried the second and third method but the problem is not yet solved, then switch off the wi-fi and any other network that you were using and try to update the app using your mobile data connection. 3G is best always. But in case the size of the app is very large then it won’t be possible to use your mobile data connection.

However, all the methods are very useful. Hope your can fix Google play store error 911 by any of the above methods.


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