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How to Fix Caller Id Is Not Displaying on Other People’s Phones on Samsung Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 is packed with a lot of powerful components, a new UI (user interface), a great battery life, amazing screen and an excellent camera. The phone camera can be used to take high-quality photos. However, as like other smartphones, Samsung Galaxy S5 also has several flaws. Recently, some users have complained about a strange problem. They said the caller id is not displaying on other people’s phones when they are calling from their Samsung Galaxy S5. A user said that when he calls his friends or family from his Galaxy S5, his name is not displayed on their phones.

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Potential solutions for caller id is not displaying on other people’s phones on Samsung Galaxy S5

Caller Id Is Not Displaying
Caller Id Is Not Displaying on Other People’s Phones

There is a control log for caller ID displaying on Samsung Galaxy S5, but some carriers only have controls over few of these settings. However, here are some steps for caller id is not displaying on other people’s phones and you can follow these steps if you face such a problem with your Galaxy S5.

1. Touch the Phone icon from the Home screen.

2. Once the dialer comes on the screen, press the Menu key.

3. Choose Settings and then choose Call option.

4. Touch Additional Settings.

5. Now touch Caller ID.

6. Check if “Caller ID” is selected or not. If Hide Number is selected, then the receiver cannot see your number when you call them. Select “Caller ID” or “Network Default” to enable the people to see your number when you call them.

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  1. I had caller ID on my phone for the longest time … Then one day .. I look and it was gone.. what happened to it /.I love to have it back please’;help. Me fix it…

  2. Hi i want to hide my number wen i call others but i cannot access my caller id option . how can i open it plz do tell me

  3. My “Caller ID” does not show on only a few of my friends. I called friends in France, most of them can see my phone “Caller ID” and have no problems for us to connect with one another but one individual could not see my phone “Caller ID” so therefore, she can’t not pick up my call from the US.

    My Phone is a Galaxy S5. I went to my phone feature and got into the part of “More Settings” but after that I don’t see the option such as “Caller ID” so I can not deselect the “Hide Number” feature. How do I get the “Caller ID” option in my S5 phone? After I pressed the “More Settings” option, all I can see is these 2 options….1. TTY mode / 2. Hearing aids ….??!! Please help. Thank you much.

  4. My caller id is not showing when people are receiving my incoming calls. I have gone through all the steps above and all is st to show my id, however, it is still not working…any advice

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