How To Control Netflix Using Your Phone

Netflix lets us enjoy all kind of shows and movies on various devices. But the large screen is something that adds more excitement. While enjoying any content from Netflix in the larger screen, you are not required to have any separate remote; the phone can be used as the remote control. In other words, you can control Netflix using your phone. While many have the idea on this, if you are new to Netflix, some guide is required. Anyway, not to worry as we have discussed in this article how to control Netflix using your phone.

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How To Control Netflix Using Your Phone

The process is much very simple; however, it will vary a bit depending which device you are using to watch the Netflix content. If you have a SmartTV or the Chromecast, it requires a bit of guidance and you will be good to go. Anyways, the process to control Netflix using your phone is explained here for every device one by one.

How to control Netflix using your phone

How To Control Netflix Using Your Phone: SmartTV, Chromecast, PS4

  • First get the Netflix app on both devices, your smartphone, and the viewing device.
  • Both the device should be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Launch the app on both the devices.
  • At the bottom screen of your Mobile device, you will notice an option ‘Cast Icon’, tap on that.
  • It will display numerous connected devices; Select the one that you want. It’s’ done. Now, you can use the mobile device as the remote control to control the Netflix app. Everything such as play, pause, forward, rewind can be done through your mobile phone only.


How To Control Netflix Using Your Phone: Windows PC

When you want to enjoy any Netflix content on your Windows PC using the mobile device as your remote control, follow the method explained here. The process is a bit different than the one explained above. It requires you to have an app called ControlPC. The app is completely free and can be installed in any mobile phone either Android or iOS. However, the process is explained here in more details.

  • First, download and install the ControlPC app on your mobile device. As you launch the app after installing, it will display a number at the top status bar. Note that number.
  • Next, launch the Netflix app in the Windows PC.

How to control Netflix using your phone

  • You are required to download and install the same ControlPC client app on the PC as well.
  • You will be then asked to enter a code. The code displayed on the mobile device is to be entered here.
  • Done, and now you will be able to use the mobile phone as remote to control Netflix using your phone. Everything such as play, pause, full screen, Esc, managing the volume can be done through the phone.


How To Control Netflix Using Your Phone: Mac

If you wish to enjoy the Netflix content on your Mac using your mobile as the remote, the process is here. The process is almost same as above but the app is different in case of Mac.

  • First, ensure both your Mac and iPhone are connected to the same network.
  • Next, download and run the ‘Remote for Mac app’ on your Mac.
  • Download and install then the ‘Netflix remote control for Mac’ app on your iPhone.
  • The app will run in your Mac’s menu bar, what you need to do is tap on the app icon and choose ‘QR code’.

How to control Netflix using your phone

  • On your iPhone, open the app that you downloaded and scan the code.
  • That’s it. The Mac will be connected to the iPhone and you can use it then as remote to control Netflix on Mac.

So, this is how you can control Netflix using your phone.

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