Common Huawei Honor 8 Problems And Their Fixes

When the Chinese manufacturer Huawei introduced Huawei Honor 8, it instantly won the heart of many users with its amazing features. It works pretty well, but some issues now and then are nothing strange. So, here in this article, we have discussed the most common Huawei Honor 8 problems and their fixes. Have a read.

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10 Common Huawei Honor 8 Problems And Their Fixes

Problem 1: Fast battery drain issue

Fast battery drain issue is one of the very common issues in Huawei Honor 8. While you keep using demanding applications or play games it is natural to drain the battery fast. But if you face the issue for any unknown reason then here are the solutions to follow.


  • First restart the device once as it can fix up any small software glitch and can resolve the battery issue.
  • Next head towards Settings > Device > Battery and check what all apps are using which amount of battery. If any app is using unusual battery amount then this might be the culprit to cause this issue. So, uninstall the app to see if it can fix up the issue.
  • Lower the display brightness as it can save some juice on the device.
  • Turn off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection when not required as those are the stuff to eat a large part of the battery amount.
  • Location service is to be optimized for a better result. Go to Settings > Location > Mode and choose the Battery saver mode for a better result.
  • Use the Greenify app as it a very useful application that put all the apps in hibernation mode and only activate them as you launch them.
  • Finally, perform a factory reset.


Problem 2: Overheating issue

Honor 8 overheating is another very common issue which has annoyed many users so far. According to them, the phone gets overheated and it often happens with no apparent reason. There are many workarounds to perform to put the situation in control. Read here the possible solutions.


  • Restart the Huawei Honor 8 first to see if it can fix up the issue immediately.
  • Lower the screen brightness.
  • Enable developer option by going to settings > about phone and press the build number several times till the developer option is enabled. You will see various options under developer options. Lower them to limit the overheating issue.
  • Remove the case in case you are using any.
  • Also if your phone has some live wallpaper and widgets, then it’s better to disable them.
  • Do not use the phone while in charge.


Problem 3: Wi-Fi won’t connect

Wi-Fi issues are unfortunately pretty common, not just on Huawei Honor 8, but on all other smartphones. Here are the fixes for that.


  • There might be many reasons for Wi-Fi issues. However, first try to restart the device and then reset the router and modem.
  • Reset the network settings once by going to Settings > Backup & reset > Network settings reset > Reset Settings.
  • Also, go for resetting the APN settings by going to Settings > More >Cellular networks > Access Point Names > Menu and tap on Reset to default.
  • If all fixes can’t fix up the issue then turn on the Airplane mode once and then turn it off.
  • Use Wi-Fi analyzer to see the crowded network so that you can shift to the less crowded one.
  • Forget the Wi-Fi network once and set it again by going to the settings menu.
  • Finally, perform a factory reset.


Problem 4: Videos keeps crashing

Does the video that you stream or play on your Huawei Honor 8 keeps crashing very often? Well, then you are not alone as there are many like you who have reported facing the same issue. Not to worry at all as this is not a very serious issue which can be fixed hassle free quickly.


  • Restart your Honor 8 phone first.
  • Next ensure that the video you are watching is of any of formats such as 3GP, MP4, RM, WMV, RMVB, and ASF. As these are formats supported by Honor 8. So, if the video you are trying to play is of another format then you will face the video crashing issue.
  • Also, try to uninstall the app once and then reinstall it to see if that can fix up the issue.
  • Wipe the cache partition of your device by putting the device into recovery mode.
  • Finally, perform a factory reset. And if that too can’t fix up the video crashing issue then take it to the technician or else contact the customer support.


Problem 5: Honor 8 recording problem

An issue with the video lags or stutters while recording them happens especially when you record them in Instagram and SnapChat. If you too are facing the same issue and looking for the solutions then read here the possible fixes.


This problem might happen for many reasons while overheating is one of the main reason that gives rise to such situation. So, your aim should be to cool down the device and camera first.

  • First, restart the device.
  • Next, try to see if any particular third party app is creating the issue. To check it, boot the phone into safe mode and see if that Honor 8 recording problem is still happening. If not then try searching for the culprit app and then uninstall it.
  • Check if the camera is working fine. Because it can happen if the camera gets overheated.
  • The battery overheats too can cause this issue. However, dial *#*#2846579#*#* to know if the battery is getting overheated.
  • Go for updating the software by going to settings > about phone > software update.
  • Clear the cache and data of the device.
  • Perform a factory reset.


Problem 6: Fingerprint Sensor is not working

Huawei has located the Fingerprint sensor on their Honor 8 device at the back to maintain more security. However, many have claimed that this sensor does not work in need, so the problem has to be fixed to get things done easily. Here are the possible fixes.


  • First, restart the device and then see if it can fix up the issue related to fingerprint sensor on your Huawei Honor 8 device.
  • Next, go for reconfiguring the sensor by going to settings > Fingerprint ID > Fingerprint
  • But if your settings menu does not include the Fingerprint ID option then perform a factory reset by going to Advanced Settings > Save & Reset > Restore Factory Default.
  • Also, you can contact the customer support if the stated solutions are not enough for you.


Problem 7: Smart Key is not working

Huawei has integrated a smart key right on the Fingerprint Sensor. But some of the users have stated that their Smart key is not working properly once they have performed a factory reset on their device. This is just a small software issue and can be fixed easily.


  • As you face this issue, try to restart the device and then go ahead to perform other methods.
  • The Smart key requires a reconfiguration. Go to the Settings > Smart assistance > Smart key to configure the smart key.
  • You can also go to the settings> Fingerprint ID > Slide gesture and show notification Panel to make the required changes.


Problem 8: Music can’t be transferred

Are you using the USB cable to transfer music to and from the Honor 8 to your PC and facing issues regarding that? While many have claimed that they are not able to transfer the music to PC through USB cable many have stated that the music is not transferable from the PC to Honor 8 device. Well, here are the solutions for that.


  • First, restart the device as this can happen due to some software issue. If this is the case then a quick restart will fix up the device.
  • The other reason why this transfer is not happening is you have not enabled the USB debugging option. So, first go to the settings > about phone and then tap on the build number few times to enable the Developer option. Once this option is enabled go to the Developer Option > Debugging and then turn on the USB debugging.
  • You can also use the HiSuite to transfer the music on your Huawei Honor 8 device.


Problem 9: Notifications are not displayed

Some of the users have reported that the notifications are not displayed for some of the apps and this creates a big issue for them. However, here are the fixes for that.


  • Huawei has integrated a feature on their Honor 8 device that is aimed at saving the battery. But unfortunately, this can give rise to such issues. So go to the settings > battery settings > protected apps and add all that apps for what you want to receive notifications.
  • If that is not able to fix the issue then again go to Settings > applications > Advanced Settings and tap on Ignore Battery Optimizations. Next, press Accept > All Applications and choose the apps for what you want to receive notifications, again press Select.


Problem 10: Echo during call

Echo during a call is really very annoying and some of the Honor 8 users have compain about it. So, here are the possible fixes:


  • First, restart the device.
  • This problem occurs most probably due to the pre-installed app TalkBack. So, disable it to see if this can fix the issue.

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