How to Capture High Quality Photos Using Galaxy S5

Samsung Galaxy S5 has an awesome camera because of its state-of-the-art hardware and app. This in-build camera will not let you feel the necessity of the traditional camera. But some users say that some of the photos they capture using this camera are not clear, little blurry. You may also face this same problem. The thing is the camera has several functions, so you need to know how to Capture High Quality Photos Using Galaxy S5.

If you are thinking how to learn that, do not worry, in this post I will tell you the ways to Capture High Quality Photos Using Galaxy S5. If you face any other camera related problems in your Samsung Galaxy S5, you can see our previous posts.

Capture High Quality Photos Using Galaxy S5

Capture High Quality Photos Using Galaxy S5

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Tips to Capture High Quality Photos Using Galaxy S5

If you want to take photos faster in low light condition, do not use stabilizer

You must have seen a “picture stabilization” mode in your Galaxy S5. This mode has been designed to take photos in low-light conditions. This feature creates composites of many exposures in low light environment and allows the phone to reduce the noise levels. But it takes some time to do it perfectly. It’s common to wait up to 15 seconds to maximize the stabilization technology, but if you think that you cannot wait long, simply turn this feature off.

Level shots with grid

Using grid when taking photos can affect the quality of the photos. Make sure that you turn on this ‘grid lines’ feature as it does not remain on by default.

Do not use the flash

If you have an idea like the flash can help you to take great pictures, then think again. Our advice is to use flash only when there is no light, or you are taking photos in late-night parties. Or else it may mess up the photos with unwanted shadows.

Do not use Zoom

If want to take a photo that appears further, never use the zoom. The reason is the phone’s zoom feature is digital which only crop the images and use a noise reduction algorithm to keep the image details as best as possible. In optical zoom, there is an actual lens adjustment happens but in your phone, no optical adjustment happens, it simply enlarges the photos and trims the edges. So the image becomes of poor quality. So, do not use the zoom, instead go close to the subject and then take a shot.

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