How To Block Offensive Content On The Web

In this Digital world, technology has made their presence everywhere to help us accomplishing every task we want. But, unfortunately, this development has some disadvantages as well. Earlier, people used to discuss things or even argue with others privately, now with the inception of social media, it has become public. For example, if your friend or else some unknown person post an offensive comment on your Facebook, Twitter or any other social networking platform, it will attract the attention of basically everyone. This is really embarrassing. Also, there are many more offensive contents available on the internet that we do not wish to see at all. So, the question is how to block all the offensive content on the web?

There are few ways to do so. And this article is all about that, so keep reading.

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The process to block offensive content on the web is pretty simple. This can be done either by using an add-on or else by making some changes in the settings. However, the process will differ depending on the browser you are using. The process for every browser such as Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer is explained one by one.

How To Block Offensive Content On The Web: Google Chrome

If you are using Google Chrome, then Soothe is the extension to help in this case. This Chrome browser extension is completely free. So, just install this add-on and keep all the offensive content away. All kind of offensive, violent comment including racist, homophobic, sexist, transphobic etc. are blocked automatically by Soothe.

How to block offensive content on the web

The extension makes use of sentiment analysis and then drive away all the contents based on the nearby context. It works on every website. So, get this Chrome browser extension for free and stay protected from all kind of online harassments.


How To Block Offensive Content On The Web: Mozilla Firefox

When it comes to blocking the offensive content on the web in your Mozilla Firefox browser, the process is similar to that of the Google Chrome. It does not have any special built in feature. So again you need to download an add-on to prevent online harassments.

The excellent way to prevent offensive content is to look for the parental control add-ons. So, go to the site, search for the parental control and it will fetch you some useful add-ons. Some of the best add-ons are mentioned here to consider for your Mozilla Firefox browser.

FoxFilter: This works as a personal content filter through which you can block inappropriate content. The filtering features can be enjoyed for free. But if you are looking to experience the premium features, you need to spend some money.

How to block offensive content on the web

ProCon Latte: This is another useful add-on for Mozilla which can be installed to block offensive content on the web. It includes different filters, so go for selecting the required filter and then set parental control.


How To Block Offensive Content On The Web: Internet Explorer

If you are using Internet explorer, we are going to share some useful tips. Here is a step by step guide to block offensive content on the web.

  • Launch the browser first and go to the ‘Internet Options’ tab.
  • Select the Content tab there and go to ‘Content Advisor’ to click ‘Enable’.

How to block offensive content on the web

  • You will be redirected to a new window with different tab at the top. First tap on ‘Ratings’.
  • Select all the stuff that is to be blocked such as the depiction of drug use, gambling, pornographic etc.
  • Next tap on ‘Approved sites’ and list here some sites for your kids in case this is especially for your kid.

That’s it. Now all the offensive content that you have selected to block will not be displayed anymore.

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