Best Chrome Travel Extensions

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Does your job involve a lot of traveling? If yes, then you must be looking for several ways to make your travel convenient enough. If traveling is the main part of your job, then you need to search for tickets, hotels and other needed things very frequently. All these stuff are managed hassle free on the internet these days. And if you are using the Google Chrome as your default browser, you can make use of this browser to make everything easier and simpler.

Chrome browser has so many add-ons and thankfully some of those add-ons are designed especially for the frequent travelers. What you need to do is just install them on your device and they will help you manage your traveling plans. Here are some of the best Chrome travel extensions.

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Best Chrome Travel Extensions

Skyscanner Airline ticket search

Best Chrome Travel Extensions

This is one of the best Chrome travel extensions which has all the needed features required by a frequent traveler. You can search for flights, hotels, car rental etc. at just one place through this extension. It comes equipped with a filter so that searching for something becomes really simple and much convenient. You can sign up for a price notification as well. Once you sign up, you will keep receiving notification on the flight fares.

Also, the cost of the ticket shown in this extension does not include any hidden cost. So, get this extension in your Chrome browser and your journey will become more comfortable.

Download Skyscanner Airline ticket search

Cheap Flights, Hotels + Coupons

Best Chrome Travel Extensions

Another great Chrome travel extension. The purpose of Cheap Flights, Hotels + Coupons is similar to the previous one. It helps you find the best flights, hotels along with travel coupons. The interface is simple and it includes the field for ‘From’, ‘Destination’, and date. So input the required detail and then hit Search to initiate the search process. It will fetch the available flights after which you can go ahead to book the cheap and suitable flight. This extension includes a tab for Flight, Hotels and Travel coupon. So, click on the tab that you want to search and get all the details immediately.

Cheap Flights, Hotels + Coupons is a very useful Chrome extension that is specifically designed for the travelers. So, get it and make your journey headache free.

Download Cheap Flights, Hotels + Coupons

Gopher: Automatic Better Hotel Deals

Are you looking for the best hotel deals? Well, then this browser extension will help you a lot. With this one, the need for digging up numerous websites is eliminated. Rather it will do that job for you. It will find the best hotel deals within seconds. Install this extension, visit the supported websites of Gopher and then they will take care of the rest part.

Also, you will be able to enjoy cash reward with this Chrome extension. The reward can be used for future travel, and it can also be used to buy gift cards. So, why pay more for your accommodation when Gopher is there to help you out in finding the best hotel deals.

Download Gopher: Automatic Better Hotel Deals

TripAdvisor Browser Button

Best Chrome Travel Extensions

Ensure to install this Chrome extension if you happen to be a frequent traveler. TripAdvisor Browser Button will help you easily find the flights, hotels, restaurants etc. with just one click. It lets you track the hotel prices while you will also be notified about the price changes. Multiple hotels will be available in one place which helps you compare the rates of different hotels. So, you can save enough money and time both through the usage of this useful Chrome browser extension. Not just that. You will have easy and quick access to the TripAdvisor ratings also. The rating is really helpful before booking a room. So, get this extension in your Chrome browser and traveling will become much more enjoyable.

Download TripAdvisor Browser Button

Search for flights

Best chrome travel extensions

Another useful Chrome extension to help you easily find the flights. However, this extension is useful for everyone whoever keeps traveling very often. Search for flights let you search the flights as well as hotels, so this is really helpful as you can get two tasks done from a single browser extension. Once this extension is installed it adds a button to the toolbar of your Chrome browser. When you need to search for flights, just tap on that button, enter the required details such as destination, timing etc. and the search result will fetch you available flights.

Download Search for flights


Best chrome travel extensions

Furkot is a great Chrome browser extension that is actually a map which let you know the distance between two places while you will also get to know the timing to reach the destination. The map is very clear and helps you find the best hotels as well on your way. Another interesting feature of this extension is the information regarding the site seeing on your way. Along with all these, Furkot also recommends you the best hotels to stay at night. So, this browser extension is must have in your Chrome browser to ensure you can manage a hassle free trip.

Download Furkot

Google Translate

Best chrome travel extensions

Google Translate does not convert the entire web page rather it comes useful when you need to know the meaning of a sentence, phrase or a particular word. As you select the required word or sentence, a translate icon will be available at the top of that selected word, tap on that icon and a pop-up will offer the translated version. In case you need to know the pronunciation, make use of the speaker icon available right there. The added advantage is numerous other languages are also there in a drop-down, so just select the required language by clicking at the drop-down and it will help you easily understand things.

Download Google Translate

Hotel Wi-Fi Test

Best chrome travel extensions

The last Chrome browser extension to mention in our list. This extension helps the travelers who love to enjoy a great internet connection even during their travel. How it works is the speed test run result of the previous guests is being added to the listing of some sites such as Trip Advisor, Expedia etc. Thus you can check the internet connection of the accommodation before booking the room.

Download Hotel Wi-Fi Test

These are the best Chrome travel extensions that you can download on your device to make your travel more comfortable.

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