Blackberry Venice Appears On The New Video

Eventually, Blackberry with Android operating system, which has been discussed by many people, appears on a video. It’s seen that Blackberry Venice is no longer a prototype, but it’s an evaluation device that is ready to sell. Overall – the design and its appearance – is similar to the previous rumors. The first thing shown on the video is, its capability to tap twice to wake up. That’s interesting. With the slide display, we can find the Qwerty keyboard behind its screen. This Qwerty keyboard is the characteristic of the Blackberry. The interesting thing about this video is, it shows that the capability of that keyboard is the same as we found on the Blackberry Passport: can be functioned as a trackpad, where the user can move the finger on the keyboard to scroll the screen from the top to the bottom or vice versa. The Android OS inside is a stick of the Android Lolipop without modification. Besides, there are some Blackberry features, which have been integrated in the system, such as the Blackberry device search feature.

Blackberry with the Android system with the code name Venice, has attracted our attention. This is the huge decision taken by Blackberry to adopt the Android OS. This can be a turning point of Blackberry after struggling for last few years. The Public will begin to look at this smartphone and interested to buy it, because now, they can download many applications in Play Store.

I think the launch of this Blackberry Venice can be the revival moment of the Blackberry, which combines the best smartphone security system from Blackberry, Android OS, the responsiveness of BBM, Blackberry blend, and the quality of the Blackberry hardware.

The Blackberry Venice reportedly will be officially introduced in November this year and takes the high end device to compete with another most wanted Android device, the new Nexus from Google. Watch the video below

Source: Techtime

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