Top Best Sound Cards For Music Production 2018

Are you looking for the best sound card for music production? We are all well aware that the usual sound card which comes in our computers – even the premium ones – may not be as effective when it comes to music production. This is why sound engineers end up hunting for a good sound card which is capable of rendering audio tracks with careful details required for music production. There are quite a few things that can make a difference when choosing a good sound card. The connectivity options, the conversion rate, affordability, and portability can be important factors. Let us look at the best sound cards available in 2018.

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The Best Sound Cards For Music Production 2018


Best Sound Card With Great Software Packs

Universal Audio Apollo Twin

The elegantly designed Apollo Twin is a spectacular piece of equipment for sound engineers looking for intuitive software and a powerful audio experience. While the box is built for portability, you can be assured that it is very durable. The preamps are clear with no extra noise and the vocals and chords sound just the way they should. It features 24-bit/192KHz sound making it incredibly clear.

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One Of The Best Sound Cards For Music With Excellent Features

RME Babyface USB 2.0 High Speed Audio Interface


This is a highly sophisticated device that has got the approval of most of the sound engineers who have used it. The compact design of the Babyface makes it easy to carry it around. It has 10 input and 12 output channels and it features a sample rate of 192KHz. It has a USB port and a MIDI port for easy connectivity options.

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Best Sound Card With Numerous Input Output Channel

MOTU Traveler mk3

If you need great technology in a compact box, then the Traveler mk3 is a suitable device for you. It is portable and powerful – a blend that sound engineers always enjoy. It can be powered through your laptop or through a separate power cord, which is good for someone who does not prefer quick battery drain of the laptop. The device features 28 inputs and 30 outputs. Great for beginners and seasoned professionals.

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One Of The Best Sound Cards For Mac and iOS Users

Apogee Duet 2

Mac and iOS users will find the Duet 2 to be a brilliant device. It is built for durability, and the sleek design helps sound engineers pack this in their bags and carry it anywhere. The Ad/DA converters render a splendid audio experience that has a resolution of up to 24 bit/192KHz. Anyone who wants a premium device for their Mac or iPad will find the Apogee Duet to be good value for money.

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Best Cheap Sound Card With All The Needed Features

ASUS Sound Card Essence STX II

For someone looking for a standalone sound card with great audio experience, the Essence STX II is great. It has a perfect design and brilliant performance. It enhances the sound quality for your computer and makes it a lot better so that you can clearly hear the different notes. It features low jitter and 124db SNR. Overall this is a nice sound card for the price you pay for it.

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Best Sound Card Under $200 To produce Great Quality Sound

Focusrite Scarlett 2i4

The Scarlet 2i4 is an easy to use equipment which can be set up very quickly. It ensures that the sound production is great by ensuring clarity of the sound. It is compact and well-designed with a 2 in, 4 out interface. It features a 24-bit/96Hz conversion rate which is decent enough. It can be used on Macs and PCs.

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Best Budgeted Sound Card For Music With Versatile Sound Interface

Yamaha AG03 3 Channel Mixer/Interface

This device has a Cubase AI Digital Audio Production Workstation included in it which ensures high-quality music production. It has a decent number of connectivity options helping you connect to any device easily. It is good for iOS, Mac and PC making it a versatile sound interface for sound engineers.

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One Of The Best And Durable Sound Cards

Steinberg UR 22MKII

This 2-channel USB interface is a compact version of the UR 44 by Steinberg. It has 6 inputs and 4 outputs and it is designed to be durable. The quality of this little box is a lot better for the price you would pay for it. This is one of the reasons why Steinberg products have always been preferred by many music enthusiasts.

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Best Cheapest Sound Card With Minimalistic Design

ALVA Nanoface

The Nanoface is a budgeted sound interface good for beginners who are looking for an affordable sound card. The compact design of the Nanoface makes it easy to carry it around in a bag. It features a high-speed driver but does not include an integrated mixer. Home producers will find this to be a great equipment especially at the price you pay for it. It is compact yet powerful and uses minimalism to ensure that users have just what they need. Keeping in mind that more controls can only call for distraction, this is well designed.

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Sound cards are a great investment, but making the right choice is what matters the most. It can be good only if you choose the right sound card carefully. Depending on your needs and the kind of production work you do, you may be interested in investing in one of the premium sound cards or in going for a more affordable one. Pricing, however, is not the only factor to be considered. There are other important factors like the connectivity options, the operating system you use and the powerfulness of the equipment. While beginners may prefer something easy to use, most of the professionals choose devices with more controls. We have listed some of the best sound cards for music production 2018, so that you can easily find the one just perfect for you.

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