Top Best Sound Bars Under $100 Of 2018

Are you looking for the best sound bar under $100? The market is flooded with sound bars and chances are that you may find too many of these to decide which one is the best. After all the demand for sound bars have gone up in the recent years and the industry has grown a lot more competitive than before. We have put together a list of best soundbar under 100 dollars you can buy in 2018.

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The Top Best Sound Bars For TV


Best Soundbar Under 100 With Great Sound Quality

Vizio SB 3820-C6

This 38-inch sound bar is one of the best you can get under 100 because of its outstanding sound reproduction. You can connect it using Bluetooth to other Bluetooth-enabled devices to stream music. The speakers are powerful and sound delivered is highly satisfying. It has deep bass technology to achieve the rich bass and the design ensures that it adds a sleek touch to your home. For under $100, it is the best speakers for the money you pay for it.

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Best Soundbar Under 100 With A Chic Look

Craig Electronics CHT939

Another 32-inch sound bar that provides amazing audio quality for the money you pay is the CHT939 sound system by Craig Electronics. The chic look of the speakers along with its amped up performance makes it very suitable for people looking for a budgeted sound bar. You can operate this sound system with a remote as well.

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One Of The Best Soundbar With Amazing Features

Jensen JSBW650

The JSBW650 is a wall mountable speaker system which can be connected via Bluetooth so that you can stream music without worrying about wires. You can also use a remote control with this sound bar. It also features a scanning FM receiver. The design of this sound bar system allows you to place it on the table or mount it on the wall. It is slim and classy and the audio quality produced from the JSBW650 is amazing. The bass and trebles can be heard clearly making it one of the best soundbar under 100 dollars.

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Best Soundbar Under 100 With Excellent Bluetooth Range

iLive Horizontal Bluetooth Soundbar with 2.0 Channel Stereo Speaker

Those who do not like too many wires sprawling around their television will find this iLive soundbar system to be great for their home. It supports Bluetooth technology and has a wireless range of 33 feet which makes it capable of playing music from a number of devices located in the house.

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One Of The Best TV Soundbar With Great Quality

Lugulake 2.0 channel 39 inch TV Sound bar

It is a 30- inch sound bar with an incredible surround sound system. It can be mounted on your wall or set in front of your TV on top of the table. The design of this Lugulake soundbar is chic and it ensures great sound quality as well for those who are looking for a good entertainment experience. It can be operated with a remote control and it also utilizes Bluetooth technology for wireless connections with other Bluetooth enabled devices. It is a user-friendly sound bar with easy installation to begin using the device. It is one of the best TV soundbar under 100 dollars.

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Best Soundbar Under $100 With Easy Installation Process

RCA RTS7110B-2

The 4 built-in speakers in this 40-inch sound bar produce good audio quality. It can be placed on the table or mounted on the wall. Given its design, it looks great on both the placement options. If you want to play music from your smartphone, then this sound bar also features Bluetooth technology which you can use to connect with other Bluetooth devices and stream music. The sound bar is easy to install so you can begin your experience quickly with this brilliant sound system.

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Best Sound Bar Under 100 With A Slim Look

Coby CSMP95 Super-Slim Sound bar

If you are looking for a sound bar that gives you the opportunity to add some elegance to your room, then the CSMP95 has a sleek structure and an aesthetically pleasing look. But that is not it. It also has an amazing audio quality which adds to its advantages as a sound bar under 100. It has a built-in amplifier and a classy subwoofer that produces rich bass. You can mount it on the wall or use it as an under-TV sound bar. Its brilliant finish and immersive audio experience makes it one of the best soundbar for the money you pay for it.

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Best TV Speaker Under 100 With a Classy Look

Sceptre SB80-PS SB Soundbar Home Speakers

At 20 inches, this sounbar has one of the most outstanding audio qualities for soundbars under 100 dollars. It has a sleek and compact look and it provides an outstanding audio experience to the users.  These home speakers use Bluetooth technology to connect to other devices so that you can stream music wirelessly. The sub-woofer is also uniquely designed to create great audio quality. Sceptre’s ‘down-firing’ style makes it look classy making it one of the best speakers for the money you pay.

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Best Budgeted Soundbar With Decent Audio Quality

VIZIO SB2920 Sound Bar

This 37-inch sound bar is great for televisions that are 40 inches or larger. It can be operated with a remote control and it also features Bluetooth connectivity if you would like to stream music from your smartphone or tablet wirelessly. It can be mounted on the wall or set in front of TV base depending on your room’s design. For a sound bar less than $100, it has decent audio quality and a great design.

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These are the best sound bars under 100 dollars of 2018. You will find the audio quality of these soundbars to be distinctively better and the prices to be pocket-friendly.

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