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Best Sound Bars Under $100 In 2022

Sound bars are often used on their own or along with other speakers to enhance the sound quality of your audio

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GEOYEAOSplit Design Sound Bar BESTISAN Dual Speakers Sound Bar Majority Bowfell Customizable Equalizer Sound Bar Hisense Dolby Audio Sound Bar
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BESTISAN Dual Speakers Sound Bar
GEOYEAOSplit Design Sound Bar
Majority Bowfell Customizable Equalizer Sound Bar
Hisense Dolby Audio Sound Bar

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Sound bars are often used on their own or along with other speakers to enhance the sound quality of your audio system or television. These units are often very sleek and take up very little space when compared to a home theater setup.

Buying Guide

Most often, they come with a couple of inbuilt speakers or more and amplifiers in a thin long enclosure. However, there are a few models that need to be connected to a receiver externally. The advantage of the first type is its ease of setup.

Depending on the soundbar you buy, consider these factors -

  • whether it generates stereo or surround sound
  • whether a subwoofer is included for deep bass effects
  • whether the product comes with grooves and a mounting kit
  • where you plan to place the soundbar
  • whether it supports DTS/Dolby Atmos sound
  • the different connectivity options available

The following is a list of the best soundbars under $100 for you to check out if you want to buy one.

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Top Best Sound Bars For TV

A Wide Sound Spread Sound Bar with Wooden Skin Wrapping

BESTISAN Dual Speakers Sound Bar

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This BESTISANsound bar has an attractive appearance with its wooden skin wrapping. The sound bar is equipped with two full-range three-inch speakers. These speakers feature two bass ports and 3-inch full-range drivers that have very good flexibility and render crisp, transparent, and clear sound. The bar supports both wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity as well as a wired connection using 3.5mm and coaxial or optical cables to other devices.

The sound bar is integrated with a DSP chip to help users enjoy their preferred sounds by supporting three different modes comprising dialogue mode, music mode, and movie mode. The bar comes equipped with a set of essential accessories like the remote control, power cord, cables, and wall mount brackets.


  • This sound bar is a great choice for use in places where there is a space constraint because of the wall mounting option.
  • The product supports a slew of connectivity options like the TV, projector, Alexa Echo, Firestick, mobile phone, and computer.
  • The bar renders deep bass which makes it ideal for those who enjoy loud sounds.


  • Sleek, stylish, and compact
  • Can be placed anywhere
  • No need for a subwoofer


  • Missing cable with some soundbars
  • Customer support is not satisfactory

A Compact Size Sound Bar with Inbuilt Subwoofer

Majority Bowfell Customizable Equalizer Sound Bar

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This Majority Bowfell soundbar is fitted with two 50Wstereo speakers and a subwoofer. The sound bar has a compact size. The product features Bluetooth connectivity for connection within a 10mm range. It also supports wired connection through various inputs such as a USB input, an RCA input, an AUX port, or an optical input so that you can connect to just about any device.

The sound bar has five audio modes. The bar encompasses an equalizer with three sound modes comprising flat, jazz, and rock. These three settings can be set by just touching a button. It comes with remote control as well as a power cable, an AUX cable, and an RCA cable.


  • This sound bar has a compact size that allows installation even in confined spaces.
  • The product is easy to set up and minimizes the installation hassle.
  • The bar offers very good sound for its price and is far better than the sound produced by most TVs.


  • Installation is possible where there is less space
  • Supports multiple sound modes and audio modes
  • Inbuilt subwoofer saving you space needed for an external unit


  • No provision to mount on the wall
  • No HDMI or surround sound support

An Easy to Connect Sound Bar with Quick Touch EQ Modes

Hisense Dolby Audio Sound Bar

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This Hisense sound bar is easy to connect and enhances the TV viewing experience. The sound bar is best suited for television of 32 inches size or higher. The bar has a compact and elegant design with a built-in subwoofer. The product has three speakers of which two are front-facing 108W speakers that render clear and bright mid-range and high-range frequencies. It can be connected using a wired connection to the TV through a USB, AUX, optical, or HDMI ARC port or wirelessly through a Bluetooth connection.

The sound bar is compatible with any Roku TV. The TV and bar can be controlled with the same Roku TV remote. The product has several preset EQ settings to help you enjoy its audio. The 2.1-channel bar comes along with remote control and its batteries, a wall mounting kit, a power cable, an optical cable, and an HDMI cable.


  • The sound bar supports Dolby Audio and renders excellent bass for those who enjoy really loud sound effects.
  • The product has multiple quick touch EQ modes to enjoy movies, music, news, and more with the best audio effect.
  • The bar can be connected to not just television but also a laptop, a tablet, or a smartphone.


  • Compact size to fit in any space
  • Stylish appearance because of leather pattern design
  • Dedicated modes for movie, news, and music


  • Subwoofer sound not up to the mark
  • The tendency of sound lag from the picture

A Slim Profile Sound Bar with Multiple Devices Connection Support

Larksound High-End Acoustic Effect Sound Bar

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This Larksound sound bar produces a high-quality sound effect. The sound bar incorporates reflex tubes for the right and left channels to render an improvised bass effect and deliver a dynamic audio experience. The slim profile product features anti-interference lossless transmission technology to enjoy the perfect sound. It can be connected to several types of devices at a distance of up to 200 feet to 200 feet with a wired connection or up to 33 feet with a wireless Bluetooth 5.0 connection.

The sound bar delivers a memorable and immersive 3D sound experience with its powerful speakers and subwoofer. The product also features good sound field positioning because of the independent cavity design for both the channels. The bar comes along with its remote control as well as HDMI-ARC, optical, and AUX cables of 4.92 feet in length.

Why You Should Buy This?

  • The sound bar can be connected to different types of devices, thereby allowing you to enjoy the best sound from any device of your choice.
  • The product can be mounted on a wall or laid on a flat surface helping you to place it anywhere based on preference.
  • The sound bar renders excellent sound at an affordable price point like many others that do the same with a more expensive price tag.


  • Wire-free connection because of Bluetooth support
  • Possible to use with almost any device
  • 4K support by HDMI port


  • Occasional cutting off of sound
  • Cannot add an external subwoofer

A Dual Subwoofer Sound Bar with Integrated DSP

GEOYEAO Split Design Sound Bar

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This GEOYEAO sound bar is a 2.2-channel sound bar with two woofers and two woofers. The sound bar can function like a dual tower speaker on either side of the TV because of its split design. The product also has a treble speaker that generates crisp and clear deep bass as well as a stable treble that is easy on the ears. The bar produces a realistic 3D surround sound effect. It supports Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. The bar has a chassis on both sides of the speaker.

The sound bar features an inbuilt DSP and an adjustable equalizer setting that allow you to adjust the treble and bass according to the preferred sound with the remote control. The 10 EQ modes supported add to the customizations available with 10 sound effects. The product has a USB port, an optical port, an HDMI-ARC port, and an LED digital display. It comes with bases, a power adapter, multiple connection cables, wall mount screws, and remote control.


  • The sound bar allows you to enjoy multiple sound effects like class, soft, rock, pop, jazz, and more.
  • The product has extra channels for a more immersive and engaging sound experience.
  • The bar can double up as a tower speaker for the television to which it is connected.


  • Supports horizontal and vertical mounting
  • USB port to connect a flash drive directly
  • Includes all the cables required for connection


  • Distorted sound quality at times

A High-Density Sound Bar with LED Display

MEREDO Two-Way Speaker Sound Bar

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This MEREDO sound bar is made of high-density wood and has a huge power carrying capacity. The sound bar features two-way full-range 150W speakers to deliver powerful and thick distortion-free sound of up to 110dB. The product also renders extra deep bass with the inbuilt subwoofer and bass duct structure. It supports five connection modes to enjoy the best sound without any lag. The sound bar connection can be established wirelessly or with wires.

The sound bar has optimized sound to match the content being viewed with its five EQ modes. This is perfectly complemented by the inbuilt 3D surround effect so that the audio and video can be enjoyed alike. The five EQ modes are film mode, game mode, news mode, bass mode, and music mode. The bar has an LED display while its remote control features an LED switch.

Why You Should Buy This?

  • The sound bar has different EQ modes to set the sound according to the content being viewed.
  • The product can be used outdoors due to the loud audible sound that it is capable of generating.
  • The bar has a unique look and feel because of wood as the choice of material used to make it.


  • Dedicated gaming mode to enhance the gaming experience
  • Auto-off functionality supported by the LED display
  • Better noise reduction and harmonics absorbing capability


  • No DTS and Dolby Audio support
  • Bluetooth connectivity getting cut occasionally



There are a few points that you must bear in mind when you choose a soundbar. First, determine whether you need an active unit or a passive one. An active accessory requires less setup while a passive device delivers clearer sounds. Since sound bars come in various sizes, identify where you would like to place yours and check out those units that fit comfortably. Alternatively, if you plan to mount your sound bar on a wall, take your pick from those that are equipped with this functionality such as grooves and mounting kit. Last but not the least, if you want to enjoy the full effect from your sound bar, opting for one that has a subwoofer would be the best bet.

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