Parenting comes with a lot of challenges. The topmost amongst all of the concerns is the child’s security. As kids grow, they tend to become more explorative and thus, you wouldn’t even know when they are out of sight. If you wish to keep an eye on your child with respect to his or her safety, then the modern range of smart wearables are the perfect solutions for you. With the help of the kid trackers, you can keep track of your child seamlessly without a worry in the world. Whether your child is in the amusement park, at an outing, or for a school trip, you can be assured of his or her safety as you know about the movement of your child every now and then.

If you are looking for some smart wearables for your child, then here is the list of the top best kid trackers 2018.

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List of Top Best Kid Trackers 2018

10Spy Spot Mini Micro GPS Tracker:

This mini GPS tracker from Spy Spot is a little device that offers high functionality in a small package. It makes the overall monitoring of your child easy. The best thing is that this GPS tracker does not come with any prepaid fees or contracts. The model makes use of an advanced subscription system along with cellular networks for transmitting data.

The users can view the location information in real time with the help of a smartphone device or computer system with a specialized app. The battery is long-lasting.


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9Trax Play GPS Tracker:

This is a simplified tracking device well-suited for your kids. The strongest feature offered by this tracking device is the geo-fencing ability. With this functionality, the users will be alerted whenever the child goes outside the area as designated by them. The tracker comes protected with the help of a flexible sleeve with a belt clip. It also has got LED light that keeps blinking when the device is tracking someone actively.

To view the real time location of the child, the tracker comes as the Trax app for the mobile devices. This app offers a History feature which imparts the knowledge about where the trackers were in the last 24 hours. There are three viewing options: a Google satellite, Google Map, and the combination of the two.

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8Sourcingbay Waterproof Mini GPS Tracker:

This model is one of the best kid trackers when it comes to the affordability. The tracker is compact in design, strongly built and preferably accurate. All the updates about the location of your child are sent over the GSM network. This implies that the tracker would need a data plan. The tracker also sends SMS messages along with location updates and alerts.

It is quite simple to monitor this tracking device. It can be easily done from some computer system with the help of the Internet or even from a smartphone or tablet with the specified app.

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7ModFamily GPS Tracker:

This is another affordable model in the range of the best kid trackers. This tracker comes with basic functionalities that offer the ease of tracking your child. This tracker does not have its own specialized app. However, it can be configured with Google Maps for tracking the device.

The overall built of the model is highly compact and portable. It can be recharged easily. The tracker also comes equipped with an SOS button. The model functions with a data plan. However, it does not include any SIM card support.

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6Spy Tec STI_GL300 GPS Tracker:

This is one of those multi-functional models in the range of GPS tracker for kids. It serves as an effective GPS tracker. STI offers the set of all necessary tools that would be required for monitoring the location updates in real time. The model also comes with a strong battery that can last up to two weeks at a stretch. Moreover, the overall built of this model is highly compact and small to be easily carried by your child.

As far as the features are concerned, the tracker can be used for sending SMS as well as email alerts. The mini GPS tracker by Spy Tec also comes with an impressive memory for storing location history up to one year. The model offers a free data plan for broadcasting the location information.

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5Amber Alert GPS Child Tracker:

This specialized child tracker can help in keeping your child safe from offenders as it comes with a handy SOS functionality. The smart app and website of Amber Alert GPS tracker help you by designating ten users who can be called in case of emergency. The geofencing feature of this app is highly reliable and accurate. The device also triggers a battery alert in case of battery draining.

The GPS feature of this tracking device is something to note about. The users just need to hit into the Megan’s Law National Sex Offender Database so that when the kid comes in the premises of 500 miles within the registered location, the users will get an SMS or email as a notification. This serves to be a highly powerful tool for the parents who are not accustomed to looking up who is present in the neighbourhood.

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4Zytree Mini A8 Tracker:

This is a great tracking device as it comes with a bundle full of specialized features. The main function of this tracking device is to offer real time location data and updates to the concerned parents. The model of this child tracker comes with additional features. This makes it a more simplified device to be used by the parents.

The Zytree Mini A8 tracking device comes with an additional VOX back call service that transforms this unit into an actual radio communication device. The device also comes with SOS emergency call feature and works efficiently through 3G data plan for transmitting information.

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3SkyNanny 2.0 Kid Tracker:

This is one of the most compact models for a GPS kid tracker. This model is small enough to fit even the pockets of your kid and thus, you do not have to fear them losing the same. This tracking device also requires minimal setup. The tracker comes with some built-in batteries that can be recharged and even monitored remotely.

All the data with respect to the location of your child can be viewed on the smartphone or tablet with the help of a special app. This app also lets the users view the detailed history of tracking. The users can also monitor the arrivals as well as departures in real time.

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2PeleusTech TK102 Mini Kid Tracker:

This specialized kid tracker comes as a package of GPS, GSM, and GPRS tracker device – all in one. This kid tracing devices comes as an advanced package with some additional features that make this device highly functional.

The tracker features real time tracking of your child. There is also the feature of voice surveillance that is a completely new feature when it comes to the best kid trackers. The tracking device has a built-in battery that tends to last up to four days at a stretch. One additional feature offered by this device is its ability to send SMS about the location updates. It can also be used for sending the data to some smartphone, tablet, or computer system.

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1FiLIP 2 GPS Tracking Watch:

This device might not have the full capability of any smartwatch. However, its specialized tracking and fun-filled features make it a favorite amongst the kids as well as the parents. The tracking device is highly compact at just 2 ounces and it light enough to be kept in the pockets with much ease. The kids can also wear it as a smartwatch and flaunt the same in style. Moreover, by serving as a helpful wearable, there is no fear of losing it as well.

The smart kid tracking watch comes equipped with two buttons for allowing the two-way calling with several pre-programmed numbers. When the buttons are pressed for four seconds, a red emergency icon will initiate the emergency calls until someone answers the same. This also helps in sending notifications over the smartphone or tablet app. The easy process of initiating the two-way calling along with SMS messaging is the greatest strengths of the FiLIP tracking device for kids. Even the GPS functioning is moderately accurate and can be relied upon by the caring parents.

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As a parent, the safety of your child is the topmost concern. But, it is not possible for them to be near you at all times. At moments when your child is away from you, be ensured of his or her topmost safety by making use of these top best kid trackers. These GPS-enabled kid trackers are highly functional devices and can ease out your stress about safety concerns. Bring one home now!

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