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Top Best Kid Trackers in 2020

Parenting comes with a lot of challenges. The topmost amongst all of the concerns is the child’s security. As kids grow, they tend to become more explorative and thus, you wouldn’t even know when they are out of sight. If you wish to keep an eye on your child with respect to his or her safety, then the modern range of smart wearables are the perfect solutions for you. With the help of the kid trackers, you can keep track of your child seamlessly without a worry in the world. Whether your child is in the amusement park, at an outing, or for a school trip, you can be assured of his or her safety as you know about the movement of your child every now and then. If you are looking for some smart wearables for your child, here is the list of the top best kid trackers.

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List of Top Best Kid Trackers 

Compact and Easy to Wear Tracking Watch

Garmin Vivofit Jr

Garmin Vivofit Jr

Garmin is a company known for its excellent fitness products and this colourful tracking watch can be used as a kids tracker to know what your young ones are up to. In order to make things easy, they have also included a companion app from which you can know your kid’s location, the steps they have taken to promote a healthy lifestyle and also provide them small tasks. When they successfully complete it, they will get rewarded for their hard work and it brings the family together.

Apart from being available in a range of colourful designs including flowers, cartoons and a pixelated pattern, the Garmin Vivofit is designed for partners to make their lives easier. You can assign tasks to let your kids know it is time to sleep, brush or bath and it will show notifications in the tiny watch screen. The battery lasts a massive period of 1 year until it needs replacement and it even allows you to add multiple kids profile to the same smartphone app. If you have a household with two, three or more kids, everyone can be monitored at the same time.

What makes the Garmin Vivofit Jr a great kids tracker?

  • The designs are very impressive and should impress both young boys and girls
  • The battery life lasts one whole year which is massive and very reliable

Recommended For:

  • The advanced features and stylish design makes it a great pick for kids aged 6 and above

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Best Kid Trackers with a Multitude of Features

Fediman Smart Watch

One of the easiest ways to track your kids is if they have a smartwatch with a tracker. This smartwatch is multifunctional, and it is available in two colors, pink and black. The watch comes with a remote camera so that you can easily capture the smiles of your little ones. But the most important feature of this watch is the LBS tracking. It allows you to see where your kids are at the moment. In addition, you can set a safe area – such as school, home, etc. The moment your kid deactivates the safe area, you will be notified – you will receive a notification on your smartphone.

This watch also features an SOS call option. The SOS button is located on the right side of the gadget. If your child is in trouble, long-press the button to easily reach the family members. The button can cycle to several numbers, three to be exact until someone answers the call.

The watch has some other interesting features and your kids will find it interesting and fun. In addition, the price of the watch is pretty affordable.

Subtly Designed Tracker with Quick Access to SOS

KidsConnect KC2 Kids GPS Tracker with 4G Connectivity

KidsConnect KC2 Kids GPS Tracker

The manufacturer of the product, KidsConnect refers to it as the all-in-one solution and it definitely is, in many ways. Instead of going for a fancy watch or very simple GPS tracker that doesn’t provide advanced functionalities like SOS, the KC2 Kids tracker provide a fine balance between usability and control. However, the pricing of the product is something not many parents would agree with, as it costs about $99 and if you have two kids at home, you might have to spend a lot to ensure their security.

The kids GPS tracker is a wearable solution and has a simple black finish. While it looks a bit cheap in terms of build quality, reviews confirm that it is very rugged and reliable in the long run. The tracker is equipped with 4G connectivity which ensures it receives the highest speed and acts as a kids’ cell phone with limited features. Parental controls can be implemented, which allows your children to only call or text approved numbers within the family. The touchscreen panel is easy to access; it has a dedicated SOS button and there is location history feature to keep track of your kids as they keep moving around in school or the local park.

What makes the KidsConnect KC2 an awesome tracker?

  • The product is easy to wear around the neck and is ideal for young kids who find wearing a watch cumbersome
  • The buttons are prominent with three different numbers to call and an SOS button. It also supports real-time tracking, voice monitoring so that parents could talk to kids and location history

Recommended For:

  • Parents who wouldn’t mind spending more to ensure the safety of their kids with reports on their location, easy calling facility and GPS tracking can opt for this product

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Small and Easy Tracker for Kids’ Bags

TKStar Mini GPS Tracker

TKStar Mini GPS Tracker

The TKStar Mini GPS tracker is a non-intrusive product which is more subtle and not easy to find. Instead of directly instructing your kids to wear a watch and press the SOS button in case of danger, this one is a small accessory that can be placed in their bags or even in their dresses if needed. It can be used in various environments including school bags, on clothing when they roam in the park and in their bicycles to keep a close watch on the locations they are travelling to.

The tracker is as small as a coin and supports 2G network. The tracker will allow the parents to have real-time location updates, GPS, AGPS functionalities and also supports SMS, App and web positioning. When you use the device, you will be able to accurately pinpoint the location of the child in a 15-meter radius. The geofence technology makes it easier to set up a locality for school and home. If the kid goes out of the safe zone, an alert will immediately be sent to your phone. It also allows you to see route history which will be saved for a six month period.

What makes the TKStar Mini GPS an amazing tracker?

  • The tracker is small and can be stored anywhere including backpacks, bicycle or even in your kid’s pocket when they go out alone
  • It supports real-time monitoring and has a large 600 mAh battery that lasts for days on a single charge

Recommended For:

  • You can use it as an alternative to a larger GPS watch or tracker in any or all of the items used by your children regularly to keep a close watch on their activities

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Compact GPS Tracker for Kids

Tile Mate – Compact Bag Tracker and Key Finder

Tile Mate - Compact Bag Tracker and Key Finder

Tile Mate is a versatile product which can be easily hidden inside a bag, big clothing or any other accessory that your kids might use. While it has been originally designed as a key tracker, the size of the product makes it easier to use it on any occasion. You can simply activate the tracker and leave it in your kid’s lunchbox, bag or their clothing when they are going out on a short tour. It will keep sending timely updates to your smartphone so that you don’t have to worry about their well being.

The product is available as a single piece or you can opt for the four pack which is being offered at a discount. A bundled pack makes it easier for users to use the tracker in multiple bags or if they have more than one kid at home who needs to be monitored for their safety. The Tile Mate is also water resistant with a rating of IP57 and has a massive battery life of one year. There is no need to charge it any day and once you keep it in a particular place or attach it to a product, you can leave it there only to receive signals on your phone.

What makes the Tile Mate a great GPS tracker?

  • The compact design makes it easier to keep it in a bag and keep a close watch on your kids as they travel to different places
  • It has a high 88 decibel sound capability and is also water resistant rated allowing the product to be used in a wide variety of situations

Recommended For:

  • The battery life is massive and if you have really young kids at home who may not be able to use a GPS watch, this one is easier to implement to monitor

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Your Own Safety Black Box for the Entire Family

Dooreemee Free Mini Magnet GPS Tracker

Dooreemee Free Mini Magnet GPS Tracker

The Dooreemee Mini Magnet tracker is meant for kids but it can easily be used by anyone in the family to track elders, cars or any other important items. It is a multi-purpose product that is sure of sending you a bunch load of information. It makes it much easier to keep a close eye on your children and make sure they don’t use any alternative route or go out of the safety zone. The magnet on this product makes it easier to be stored in anything metal, even on the zipper on a bag or a buckle.

The biggest advantage of using this product is that it automatically uploads data to the cloud at regular intervals. You can customize it to send data every 30 seconds, 1 minute or longer based on your requirement. The maximum interval is up to 120 minutes and it keeps a close watch on real-life location history. The servers also store location history for an entire year free of cost making it easier to investigate if needed. It has a SIM card slot and the 365 GPS app works on your PC, Phone or Laptop for easy tracking.

What Makes the Doreemee a Reliable Kids Tracker?

  • The product is small and works with a wide range of devices
  • It provides great GPS location at regular intervals and also provides an online history of all the places visited in the past one year

Recommended For:

  • A multi-purpose product that anyone can buy in multiple quantities and use it to keep a close watch on their kids, elders or spouse in the family

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A High-End GPS Tracker from Samsung

Samsung SmartThings Real Time GPS Tracker

Samsung SmartThings Real Time GPS Tracker

The SmartThings Tracker may look a lot like the AirPods because they are white, they have a smaller design like the AirPods but is actually a GPS tracker used for safety purposes. While these trackers are available in different shapes and sizes, you can opt for a box-like design as they are easier to be stored in your kid’s backpack. It can also be kept in their hands or in their pockets in case you are going to allow them to play in the park. Being a Samsung product, it is more expensive but comes with some amazing features.

The water-resistant rating on this product is excellent as it is measured at IP68, the highest possible in the era. The product easily connects with your smartphones and can be used to send automatic alerts and updates. It has a massive battery life that could last for 10 days on a single charge. All you have to do is download the SmartThings app on your phone to use preset modes or customize and create your own settings. The best kids tracker also has special offers from AT&T if you choose to buy the SIM card from the service provider.

What Makes the Samsung SmartThings the Best Tracker?

  • The tracker is equipped with the highest water resistant rating so that it can be used in any environment
  • It looks stylish, subtle and is compatible with smartphones allowing you to receive alerts and updates easily

Recommended For:

  • Users who love a branded product from a reputable company and also look for good water resistant, build quality in their tracker can go for it

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A Colorful GPS Tracker for Kids

Kidaily Smart Watch GPS Tracker for Young Boys and Girls

Kidaily Smart Watch GPS Tracker for Young Boys and Girls

Kidaily is a relatively new company that has come up with an excellent product that would be appealing to most buyers. It is available in a range of bright colours, including blue, pink and green. Young kids love colorful watches and it also acts as a subtle toy that no one will guess it is an actual GPS tracker. Once you teach your kid to wear it daily, it can be an ornament that acts as a safety device too, in the long run. The watch has many amazing features, including SOS emergency call, clock, a simple math game, flashlight to find their way in the dark and is made of soft silicone that doesn’t hurt the children’s fragile skin.

Parents can choose to install three different numbers. The SOS button automatically makes calls to these numbers one by one until one of them picks up the phone. A dedicated classroom mode will remove all the additional sounds and vibrations that might disturb the class. It is fully compatible with a micro SIM card along with support for AGPS and LBS tracking to find the location of the child in case it gets lost. The interface is simple and easy to understand. Kids of any age can start using it immediately.

What Makes the Kidaily SmartWatch a Useful Tracker?

  • The colours are vibrant and make them look like a toy which makes it a tracker that most people won’t notice
  • It is easy to wear, has many useful features and uses a dedicated mode for classrooms so that it doesn’t disturb anyone around

Recommended For:

  • A smartwatch that is great for young kids and ensures that parents can enjoy peace of mind knowing where their young ones are at all times

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A Tracker Watch with Camera and Touchscreen

Themoemoe Kids GPS Watch

This is an excellent watch for kids. It is waterproof so there is no reason to worry about the watch when it is raining. Your kids can enjoy their activities and you can always know where they are thanks to the LBS function. Tracking of the little ones has never been easier. Also, the watch comes with the SOS function. If the kids are ever in trouble, they can press the SOS button and the watch will automatically call the family members. You can set up three numbers and the watch will keep calling until one of the family members answers the call.

You can set up the not disturb mode so the kids can focus on their activities in school. The watch has a touch screen and it is super easy to use. It is available in blue and pink color. The kids love the gadget because it looks nice and has some cool features, including the camera and the flashlight. The price of the watch is affordable.

Premium GPS Tracker with Monthly Subscription for Additional Services

Yepzon Freedom 3G GPS Tracker with SOS Button

Yepzon Freedom 3G GPS Tracker with SOS Button

The Yepzom Freedom is figuring among the best kid trackers because it looks stylish, like the car keys of a Mercedes, and is capable of relaying accurate location details to the parent. Just use the key-chain or keep it attached to the backpack of your kid. You can make use of the iOS or Android app to receive information on the current location of the user. The product can be optimized for use not only by kids but can be used to track elders or even cars. You don’t have to sign up on the official services, but there is a monthly payment of $4.99 for the basic plan. It helps maintain reports, receive location history, and other value-added services.

The Yepzon GPS Tracker is a solid piece of hardware that can be charged using the bundled micro USB port. The data collected by the app is stored in secure, encrypted servers. The dedicated SOS button is located in the middle of the tracker that provides instant access to kids who want to make use of it during urgent times. Apart from kids, you can use it when you go for trekking or to new locations where it is easy to get lost. The person on the other end will be able to track you down but it is an expensive product that also demands a yearly plan to make use of the great features.

What Makes the Yepzon Freedom 3G GPS Tracker the Best?

  • A stylish and durable build that can be used by kids of all age groups as well as elders
  • Easy to connect with smartphone apps and provide security for the location data saved on the servers

Recommended For:

  • A simple yet expensive solution for those who like to stay ahead of the technology curve to track their kids with customizable features. One of the best kid trackers around!

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Other models worth buying

Spy Spot Mini Micro GPS Tracker:

top best kid trackers

This mini GPS tracker from Spy Spot is a little device that offers high functionality in a small package. It makes the overall monitoring of your child easy. The best thing is that this GPS tracker does not come with any prepaid fees or contracts. The model makes use of an advanced subscription system along with cellular networks for transmitting data.

The users can view the location information in real-time with the help of a smartphone device or computer system with a specialized app. The battery is long-lasting.


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Trax Play GPS Tracker:

top best kid trackers

This is a simplified tracking device well-suited for your kids. The strongest feature offered by this tracking device is the geofencing ability. With this functionality, the users will be alerted whenever the child goes outside the area as designated by them. The tracker comes protected with the help of a flexible sleeve with a belt clip. It also has got LED light that keeps blinking when the device is tracking someone actively.

To view the real-time location of the child, the tracker comes as the Trax app for mobile devices. This app offers a History feature that imparts the knowledge about where the trackers were in the last 24 hours. There are three viewing options: a Google satellite, Google Map, and a combination of the two.

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Spy Tec STI_GL300 GPS Tracker:

top best kid trackers

This is one of those multi-functional models in the range of GPS tracker for kids. It serves as an effective GPS tracker. STI offers the set of all necessary tools that would be required for monitoring the location updates in real-time. The model also comes with a strong battery that can last up to two weeks at a stretch. Moreover, the overall built of this model is highly compact and small to be easily carried by your child.

As far as the features are concerned, the tracker can be used for sending SMS as well as email alerts. The mini GPS tracker by Spy Tec also comes with an impressive memory for storing location history up to one year. The model offers a free data plan for broadcasting the location information.

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Amber Alert GPS Child Tracker:

top best kid trackers

This specialized child tracker can help in keeping your child safe from offenders as it comes with a handy SOS functionality. The smart app and website of Amber Alert GPS tracker help you by designating ten users who can be called in case of emergency. The geofencing feature of this app is highly reliable and accurate. The device also triggers a battery alert in case of battery draining.

The GPS feature of this tracking device is something to note about. The users just need to hit into the Megan’s Law National Sex Offender Database so that when the kid comes in the premises of 500 miles within the registered location, the users will get an SMS or email as a notification. This serves to be a highly powerful tool for parents who are not accustomed to looking up who is present in the neighborhood.

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PeleusTech TK102 Mini Kid Tracker:

top best kid trackers

This specialized kid tracker comes as a package of GPS, GSM, and GPRS tracker device – all in one. This kid tracing device comes as an advanced package with some additional features that make this device highly functional.

The tracker features real-time tracking of your child. There is also the feature of voice surveillance that is a completely new feature when it comes to the best kid trackers. The tracking device has a built-in battery that tends to last up to four days at a stretch. One additional feature offered by this device is its ability to send SMS about the location updates. It can also be used for sending the data to some smartphone, tablet, or computer system.

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